Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Character Songs 01: Nogizaka Haruka

PhotobucketThe Character Albums of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu are out and I first uploaded the first one, which is Nogizaka Haruka herself. I’ll admit that this is the most unusual that I’ve heard of Mamiko Noto. It’s up to you if you’ll like it or not but for me, I think it’s too much moe that it sems that she’s trying hard. Well, I love Mamiko Noto and Nogizaka Haruka btw. You can download some of her songs from her character album below.


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 07

The REAL reason for not posting ANY anime episodes (well, except for Chocolate Underground, which is 5-minutes long short) and for only posting some random manga/filler/music posts to fill up my blog and my laziness is posted down here…

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Vampire Knight Guilty: trailer


Matsuri Hino’s manga, Vampire Knight, has an official trailer for it’s sequel which would be composed of another 13 episodes. I think it would cover the [SPOILER – highlight to view:] Rido arc and some things continuing that arc. It means there would be more Shiki-sama and Rima-sama!!! Wooot! I think the promotion pic is cool with Yuki’s scythe facing you! And last but not the least, look at Yuki’s long hairdo… Whaddya think?

And here’s the trailer. The first music played in the trailer is entitled “RONDO” sung by twin brothers ON/OFF, who also sang season 1’s OP. The second song: Suna no Oshiro is the ending theme. It is sung by uber-talented Kanon Wakeshima again ^_^ who sang ‘still doll’ from the first season. I found it more creepier to listen to than ‘still doll’, which means it is unusual to loop it on an iPod but it still maintains the gothic and alluring aura.

Vampire Knight Guilty airs October 6.

Absolute Anime Ending Themes ~part 2~

The second batch of my Favorite Anime Ending Sequences is up and it features two creepy ED themes, a shoujo J-Pop song, a cute shoujo-ai ending theme and an epic ED sequence that every otaku is addicted to. Check it out below!!!

Absolute Anime Ending Themes ~part 1~

Last time, I posted the list of the BEST Anime Openings that I love. Now I will count down the BEST (lol, in my opinion only ^_^ no flame wars please!) ANIME ENDING THEMES that I love!!! There would be only fifteen songs because I only find a few ED themes that I like ^_^. Like the rules of last time, there would only be ONE song per anime series and anime shown from the 1980’s below were totally out of my list. So here it goes!!!


Big Blog Digest

Ok so this post is a big one full of anime and manga digests as well as Anime’s Next Top Model news so read it or else…


Before I start off this post, I wanna say that my head hurts really bad. You see, I just went from a ‘hanging out with a friend’ (which looks more of a date…) and while eating at a restaurant, some random rude kid threw a steel spoon on my head! OMG my head really hurts and it was embarassing! I can’t bitch off the kid because he was just a baby anyway so I just laugh it off and later his mom apologized… Come on, which normal kid would throw a spoon on a random person’s head!? Anyway, [:Read the rest of this entry:]

Chocolate Underground 06: Chocolate-Loving being a Mental Illness? What the hell…



No… It’s just the Cho… THE CHOCOLATE POLICE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Heh…

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Special A 2nd OP and ED

LOL I know that the second OP and ED sequences of Special A were ages ago but I still put it up here because I finally gotten used to it, unlike Special Days which I never gotten used to XD. So you can download them here:

[OP Single] Gorgeous 4U – Fukuyama Jun, Shimono Hiro, Yonaga Tsubasa and Horie Kazuma


[ED Single] Special☆Gyutto Good luck! – Gouto Yuuko, Nabatame Hitori, Takagaki Ayahi


Blog Blabber, RenAi Blogger icons and more!

I find this week very weird since the only things I’ve watched besides from the ones I blog were Macross Frontier [19], Xam’d [05], and Allison to Lillia [16]. I think I’ll drop World Destruction on blogging if it still doesn’t impress me to lighten up my heavy anime load because it would be full as soon as Fall approaches. I also had finished my post for the 5th episode of Natsu no Sora but it came out very short since I found the episode quite frankly boring so I guess I’ll just join that one with the episode 6 post. On other stuff, I know it’s kinda late, but I finaly got Black Diamonds by Nana Mizuki (or Utau of Shugo Chara) and as usual, it was pretty good.

So out of my boredom, my hands just got moving and I ended up creating icons XD.  Starting off with Hinano’s RenAi blogger game, which I’m so hooked into so I made a spoiler-free icons of the 4 main girls. Next are some anime and manga icons of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Mahou Tsukai ~Natsu no Sora~, Haruhi Suzumiya, Doubt Manga, AAA Manga and Allison to Lillia. So here are the fruits of my boredom…

RenAi Blogger (120×120)

RenAi BloggerRenAi Blogger

RenAi BloggerRenAi Blogger

Random Anime (120×120)

Random Anime and Manga (100×100)



I know they look fail since it’s just my first time lols so sorry ^_^”… I personally like the 100×100 ones since they’re all where I put my most effort in especially the AAA recoloured scan. I also had fun putting blood over Mika’s psychotic face XD. If you like then I may make some more next time but now heading off to read the final chapter of Mistress Fortune so toodles until my next post!

Last Important Note: Thanks again for those who tuned in to my live Absolute Anime Openings special yesterday and y’all gave me another milestone of 1,034 views! That was the most views that happened on my blog! Thanks again and I made an Absolute Anime Openings page found on this site which lists everything and it will be also updated soon as I add the honorable mention songs there.



Chocolate Underground 05: The Attack of the Chocolate Police

It’s been a while since I’ve done some of my incoherent episodic posts here… Now I’m back to business again! I’ll first post this one since Chocolate Underground is one of the shows that I missed so much this past month. The long wait is worth it since the episode is very entertaining.

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