Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 12 [FINALE]

The grand finale!!!



The greatest gift of all comes from your heart and it doesn’t measures up on how much it costs, or how fabulous it is. That should teach Shute a lesson. No matter how luxurious his gifts are to his ‘fair Fraテシlein” Haruka, Yuuto’s gift from his heart: a Clumsy Aki figure, still wins over her heart.


It also concludes that Yuuto was the one who gave Haruhi the very first innocent smile issue, which she treasures. Yuuto finally realized it and laughed at such a great coincidence.


The much-awaited love scene + Cockblockers = FAIL




Bye-bye Mika! Bye-bye soundtrack!


Bye-bye Shiina! Thanks for being useless!


Bye-bye two lesbian women!


Bye-bye Nobunaga-kun and Clumsy Aki-chan!


Bye-bye supporting characters especially to the two meidos!


Bye-bye Haruka and Yuuto!

Kan Chats…

Finally it ended. Overall, the series was entertaining to watch. Everything was light, sweet and romantic that it totally brightens up your day and cheers you up in a bad mood. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is a well-blended romance and comedy, with a hint of tolerable fan service. Yuuto had been portrayed in the most realistic way and he will never be an addition to those common loser-type harem boys for Yuuto has his own label. He is a gentleman and a very realistic character that every Haruka in real life would really love to have one ^_^. Haruka is also a very cute character that can melt everyone with her stares. The side characters were all likable and has a different asset of their own: from Mika; to the meidos; to the lesbian women; to Haruka’s parents; to Nobunaga and to Shiina, everybody did a role on putting up Yuuto and Haruka together. Except for Shiina, which I wonder what happened to her??? Anyway,ツ I sequel would be fine for me because I think that the novel was still ongoing.


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5 Responses to “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 12 [FINALE]”

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Scene 1: The room is well-lit, Haruka is on top.

    Scene 2: It’s dark, Yuuto’s on top, Haruka’s dress is all ruffled.

    What happened in between?!?!

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Baka-Raptor: Ummm… they roll? XD… really. It just shifted to that scene.

  3. Zer@tul says:

    “What seemed like the end may only be the beginning”, or so what some may say… Anyway, the manga is still ongoing, so it would be too early to assume this series has ended. Additionally, there are still characters left unrevealed here (one is the blonde-haired-I-think-she-was-a-stewardess girl I recently saw in a wallpaper. If you know more info, kindly share plsss) and more revelations like Mika’s title of “Moonlight Strawberry” and the presumed “Performer of the Sunset”. Anyways, I’ve read through your blog, and it really made me laugh…seriously

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Zer@tul: Thank you for reading my posts ^_^. Yes, I think there might be a sequel for this one because there are a lot of things that was left so I’ll just cross my fingers.

    I’ll also share some spoilers to you if you don’t mind:
    Besides from Nanami and Hazuki, there are other households in the Nogizaka mansion, though it was not shown in the anime, including Allister Rein, which was the blonde girl you’ve probably seen.

    “Moonlight Strawberry” was the title given to Mika in her school like how the title “Nuit Etoile” was given to Haruka. She was also like her sister in her school which was popular and plays the violin.

    There are also some classmates that are still not shown in the anime that plays some role in the novel (like Keiji and Setsuna) so I think there would be a sequel to add that all up.

  5. I Love those scene, but the most awaiting is the nogizaka haruka no himitsu: finale… wish the episodes are all finsh.. =)))

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