Anime and Manga Round-up


I’ve been up to some anime series shopping and I’ve picked two shows which aired not so long ago…



The Shigofumi, or The Letters of The Departed, are the last words of the people who died and they send them to the person who wants to give justice to their death, grudges, or gratitude for being a part of their lives. The series also tackles very controversial issues that really happens in reality: bullying, suicide, lesbianism, prostitution, child abuse and the most common one, death. I thought that this is one bloody hell surprising anime so far this year! OMG The first episode was like, shocking but as it continues on to episode two, it puts up piece by piece on how did it ended up that way. THAT WAS THE F*CKING BEST 2 FIRST EPISODES IN AN ANIME THAT I’VE EVER WATCHED! I must say that the series was really suspenseful and I had been enjoying every minute of watching it. It also has witty humor, which works out well for it brightens the dark atmosphere of the series a little. The overall series itself had became inconsistent up to the final episode but still, it gave a great closure.

I’ll be feeling like a judge today and give it a 89% out of a hundred ^_^

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