Special A: Chapter 99 [FINALE]


Nuuu~ It ended already T__T… [WARNING: Spoilers! This is the final chapter, duh~]

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Special A 2nd OP and ED

LOL I know that the second OP and ED sequences of Special A were ages ago but I still put it up here because I finally gotten used to it, unlike Special Days which I never gotten used to XD. So you can download them here:

[OP Single] Gorgeous 4U – Fukuyama Jun, Shimono Hiro, Yonaga Tsubasa and Horie Kazuma


[ED Single] Special☆Gyutto Good luck! – Gouto Yuuko, Nabatame Hitori, Takagaki Ayahi


SA ~Special A~ 13: Magic/Friends


SA now comes with new OP (top row) and ED (bottom) sequences! Finally, my ears stopped bleeding on the new OP, which seems alright and catchy as well. About the ED, it’s tweeny and cutesy but I kinda prefer Hidamari no Gate…

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SA ~Special A~ 12: High Fever/Passion

SA is getting doki-doki now!
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☆Musings and Blabber☆

*jawdrop with coffee waterfalls* – As much as I hate it, there will be school again after 4 straight days of no classes (nnnooooo!!!!!) because of a typhoon.

– In other matter, I always lol when I remember the date episode of Hikari and Tadashi from SA especially the scene of “Ma-kun” and “Yuki-pon”….. I can’t forget the look on their faces (and the coffee too…) Lol, just wanna share that (actually the reason why I made this post is to share this gif image on the left)…

– Anyway, the subs of Vampire Knight is coming really fast thanks to Shoku-dan! They just made my day… Episode 12 is out already but maybe I’ll blog it tomorrow…

SA ~Special A~ 11: BF/GF

HEADLINES: A crackhead and a brickhead go on a date!!! Hilarity results…


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SA ~Special A~ 10 – Anchor/Ryuu

sa1001sa1002sa1003sa1004sa1005sa1006 [:Continue:]

SA ~Special A~ 09: Villa/Letter


PhotobucketPhotobucket [:Continue…:]

SA ~Special A~ 08 – Journey/Dog

Its vacation time for the SA!!!

PhotobucketPhotobucket [:Continue…:]

SA ~Special A~ 07 – Sensitive/Thickheaded

I’ll never forget you” + sadistic laughter + psychotic AKIRA = OWNS.


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