SA ~Special A~ 11: BF/GF

HEADLINES: A crackhead and a brickhead go on a date!!! Hilarity results…



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Kei was kidnapped for this whole episode because of a meeting in Shanghai. Tadashi asks Hikari to pretend to be his girlfriend beacause his mother is doing him a matchmaking session!


Wow, I love the pairing of Hikari and Tadashi, they’re both funny. I roflmao on the cafe scene where they observe “Ma-kun” and “Yuki-pon” and try to imitate them!!! The beach scene is also funny and Megumi’s sketchpad writings are lol-worth too. Lololol… Anyway, Akira is also being over-the-top psycho (See the cake-scene and the other scenes where they stalk Hikari and Tadashi) I really like her character and her possessiveness over Hikari! Overall, this episode is really fun and I like the way the story progresses and Hikari gets to know the other SA members better (Ryuu in the previous episode for example)…

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