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Lily Love - Title2 shot

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Left to Right: The New Blood

No! We’re still here! Seriously! New page and everything!

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Left to Right: Tales from Metanorn

It’s been brewing in the darkness for sometime, but now it’s finally here!

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Special Metanorn Service: Matchmaking, Ahoy~

Kyo-Special Three: Happy White Day! Time for some Metanorn sponsored Matchmaking! Inquire within~

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Meta Alliance: Moving!

[Note: This is just made out of boredom and for the lulz only]

2 webcomics in a single day?! Yeah, I’m on a boredom streak so forgive me XD!!! So here’s another act of Meta Alliance, and we have Kairu Ishimaru [Yoroshiku Anime Blog] as the lead star in here ^^. So here goes the act, Kairu is moving to a new home, which he knows that it’s cooler there than the old, rusty, .Com house.  So sit back, relax, and waste a little time reading it ^^. Other stars: foomafoo [Temporal Vortex], biankita [hikikomori-chan], tsuiteru [Metanorn], and yours truly =P.


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Meta Alliance: 7 times 7 times?

[Note: This is made out of boredom just for the lulz]

Uhh, how should I put this? lol… So here goes the story and the inspiration of this chapter. 7, Kokido Kombine’s founder said that he has multiple personas. So in our irc channel, as you can see the names with the light-green dot, they’re representing each persona of him. So in this chapter, here is 53RG10 (Open Your Mind), along with his mascot Suisei-chan (Deciphered Melody), as they randomly ended up in a warehouse full of 7’s ^^. (So that makes 7 + 7 +7 +7…)


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Meta☆Alliance: 7’s Angels ~ part 2

Sorry for the delay! Now here’s the much-awaited (lol really?) second part of the webcomics ^^… So where were we? The Angels finally arrived at the .Com Castle to rescue Anime Princess Lostty! Yep! Will the Angels succeed on their mission, recruit Lostty and make 7 proud? Continue to find out!


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Meta☆Alliance Webcomic: 7’s Angels ~ part 1

Shameless promoting FTW! Another webcomic!!! And this is all about acquiring Kokidokom’s newest member: the Anime Princess LOSTTY!!! This is just the part one though, since my PS f*cked up, and it affected the whole webcomic… Good thing I’ve uploaded some to to Photobucket already ^^. When I made this webcomic, I was sick and bored at the same time, so forgive me if my sense of humor has a fever and flu too -_-;;… I based them on what I see on them [and maybe on how you see them too ^^ (Fuyu = tsundere, Maya = girly, Lostty = Princess-y, Me = you judge, etc)]. Btw, this is only just for the lulz so please don’t take this seriously if there’s any offensive material (but I don’t think there’s any XD).

Ok, so here are the characters in here. I still based the designs from my Manga-fied Bloggers posts so that they can be easily recognized (well, except for 7-san, because he’s only in a radio). Joining 7 are FuyuMaiden, Amayalee and yours truly. New characters are Gargron and of course, Lostty. SO here we go and enjoy reading!!!

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Some holiday ramblings and drawings below… 🙂

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Random Drawings: New Characters!


[Cute recolored pic from the first webcomic ^_^]

Here’s my continuation for my Christmas gift-giving-givings XD! I made a new batch of characters to show my appreciation to again :). This batch contains three guys, two nekos, and two non-blogging commenters that I would really love to show gratitude to because of being awesome ^_^. Each page contains a surprise-special manga-fied character!!! 😀


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