Special Metanorn Service: Matchmaking, Ahoy~

Kyo-Special Three: Happy White Day! Time for some Metanorn sponsored Matchmaking! Inquire within~

Interestingly, White Day is not known throughout the world like Valentine’s Day but it’s still celebrated quite enthusiastically in Japan and South Korea. When we decided to put up all that pink and red for Valentine’s, it was unanimously decided by Metanorn Team to celebrate the lovey-dovey-ness more than a month rather than just a day (such a waste for these awesome banners too)! So, we have been mulling things over and noticed a lot of #foreveralone.jpg references. We don’t like to see people sad so just to add some flavour in the life of our regulars/lurkers and for the effect that our part of the webosphere is heavily obsessive high on 2D, we decided to open up a Matchmaking Booth.

~Special Metanorn Service~

Got Love Trouble?! Think, you can’t take the reality anymore?! NO WORRIES! We got you covered by giving out HOTTIES for this White Day and you can WIN a date with them too. You just have to be persuasive enough to be eligible for their adoration. You ask, HOW?! Trash that foreveralone.jpg! Read the fine-lined terms below and join us on an introduction ride! So, without any further ado, presenting our extra special candidates:


Brought up in a family of secrets, Akira’s parents were no ordinary people. With a beautiful Japanese mother and Italian father; they both lived a life in Japan, working for a law firm. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Nevertheless, the monks raised her in their ways of discipline and taught the art of fighting as a means of self defense. Akira attended the nearby schools and succeeded not only academically but in physical education. In high school, she stayed in school dorm and became popular among the boys and admired by fellow peers.

Calm, composed, polite, great posture and above all, beautiful. Kana is the perfect example of a proper lady. Her long, black hair is always neatly brushed hundred times every morning, her work clothes never have a single wrinkle and she always adds a personal touch to her ensemble. She seems to have experience in various typical ladylike hobbies, like tea ceremony or traditional music, though this may just be a rumor accompanying her appearance since she usually dodges personal questions. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Samidare was born in a small family and currently lives on her own. She always had a wall up preventing others to see the real her from as long as she can remember. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. She was a tomboy while growing up but also likes cute things like cats and stuffed toys. Though she hides this side from others due to everyone thinking she’s a tough girl. Her parents are in the news business, so they are usually busy covering the global news and traveling around. Her passion in life however is science.

Miki was born into a diversified family. Her father was a musician and her mother an R&D engineer for a large electronics company. Both of her parents were very influential to her, but when she was twelve, her parents split up suddenly. Her father got custody of Miki and remarried fairly quickly. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Because she always has her phone by her, she started learning a lot of what was happening around her, almost like an information network.

Who is the most HAWTEST Among the Girls?

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A quiet, but kind and cheerful young boy who gets a bit nervous when talking to new people, but gets very enthusiastic once he’s warmed up to them. Can be quite hostile when someone badmouths the things he likes. Hisoka is the love child of an affair between two famous music idols in his home country. It was never truthfully revealed to the public who his real father was; his mother simply lied, saying it was her non-famous ex-husband’s to avoid any scandalous rumors. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He turned into a child actor with encouragement from his mother.

Tyrone never liked playing with the other kids. He preferred waiting to see which ones were even worth talking to, analyzing everything before acting. It wasn’t long before his tendencies became the target of schoolyard bullies. He got beat up quite horribly for about a year before he took up self-defense classes. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He lives in a vacant room above a small bar and likes to play the bouncer for the same.  His favourite pass time is asking the drunks about their lives. His uncanny resemblance to a particular character is simply coincidental.

Evenly built like a steeple, he’s completely unaware of the kind of attention he attracts. Jiro stalks around the city at night, shoulders slouched and forever hiding his eyes beneath the shadow of his cap but he’s in no way inconspicuous. He’s loud and often very rude to people just out on the street, but this comes from a deep-rooted anger about himself rather than hatred towards others. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Fights have been started with him, despite his intimidating height, because he’s so skinny and doesn’t look particularly tough. But much to their surprise he can swing a punch with the best of them and would never back down from a challenge.

Ryuuji’s from a perfectly normal family. He used to be a really good kid, but once he reached his teenage years, he suddenly got this rebellious streak.  He used to be in gangs, that’s how he got that scar on his face; after that incident however, he stopped fighting. The dress sense somewhat stuck to him though and now he has a fetish for woolen scarves and aviator sunglasses. His father is a Pastor and somewhat disapproves of his behavior and the clothes he wears. However, he is ironically, extremely non-religious and isn’t afraid to openly show his defiance in front of his family. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Who is the most SMEXY Among the Boys?

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Terms & Conditions:

– To participate, comment with your name, zodiac sign, nominate the hottie you want to date and tell us exactly WHY, you should be eligible to do so.
– Most innovative answers win!
– Offer valid for a very short period!
– First come, first served. Conditions apply.
– Yaoi/ Yuri? Nominate to your heart’s content.
– You can only nominate one candidate at a time.
– Conditions, what conditions?
– Post/Polls to be closed any time…
– More to come…? Who knows?
– Is this ALL? What is the fun in giving out all information? PARTICIPATE and keep on guessing, boys and girls~ :3

Hope you enjoy, picking the hawt girls and smexy boys. Dibs on _____. Yeah. Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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144 Responses to “Special Metanorn Service: Matchmaking, Ahoy~”

  1. Hato-kun says:

    Ohoho, what’s going on here?

  2. Amutofan123 says:

    Amutofan123 (Savannah or Celeste?) I’ve been called all three.

    Scorpio… or dog… both

    I nominate Tyrone!!!! Why? He looks like Izaya~ xDDD

    Hah, seriously though, I don’t think any of the guys are suited to me personality-wise. Now, if you had a flamboyant and very outgoing guy… (I was going to pick Hisoka, but as quiet as I am, he would never get warmed up to me)

    • Amutofan123 says:

      Wow, that was a completely pointless comment. .-.

      • Kyokai says:

        Lol, no it was not! And read the terms… you can try again. :3

        *first reader comment love cookie*

        Edit: Comment sealed for further processing~

  3. baka_girl says:

    Woooo, looks interesting, I’ll participate! :))

    Name: baka-girl
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (Why we must include our zodiac?)
    I’ll pick Ryuuji because I like his style! Stylish guy is soooo my type :p And he’s kinda like a delinquent (or he really is? xD), that’s another plus point 😀

    Tyrone looks EXACTLY like Izaya :p

    • Kyokai says:

      *cough-tries to smoke a pipe* Just some minor details, Watson~ :3

      And everything has a reason…

      Edit: Comment sealed for further processing~

  4. Mint says:

    Kyaa, these character designs are kind of amazing <3 I voted for Kana and Hisoka. Great art though. Perhaps some day you should make a visual novel 😀

    For some reason, Tyrone's name sounds odd next to all the others. xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh they are. Of course, it was our in-house, Captain, who did the wonders with awesome art. <3

      VN sounds too much work. >.<'' Btw, I thought the same for Samidare for some reason. Names were voted on so well. :3

  5. Foshizzel says:

    WOooooooooooo this is lovely 😀 😀 😀

    So many girls to choose! Wheres the harem option? 😛

  6. getting my creative juices flowing…

    Name: Starburst-chan
    Zodiac Sign:Libra
    I want to date: HISOKA
    Why?: Why not? I simply gravitated towards his 2D picture on this page as soon as our eyes met. I felt like an invisible string of some sort connect our hearts, and that the sharpest stainless steel knife in the world cannot cut it off. As my eyes scan across the series of words that is the description of his personality, I found that our personalities are very alike. At this point my heart was racing like hungry cheetahs competing to get the injured deer. As a bonus, he’s a child actor, and what, the product of a love affair? This just gets better and better. I’ve always wanted some kind of secrecy in my life, and I think hanging around this guy will give me that, and maybe 15 minutes of fame, not that it is important. Moreover, he would have the ability to deal with my hyperactively enthusiastic personality since he is an actor. What can I say? He’s a quadruple WIN WIN WIN WIN!
    (whoever wants him, BACK OFF Just kidding >.<)
    We're gonna get married and get a mansion in Paris, overlooking the french riviera, while our kids run through the field of flowers in our gardens.
    *fangirl* this is the perfect life 😀

  7. 7 says:

    Ne ne Kyokai, am I eligible? =D =D =D

  8. anaaga says:

    i pick all. this is my harem

  9. Elyon says:

    Haha I’m going to try I think xD

    Name: Elyon
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini~
    Want to date: Tyrone
    Why: Being the genuinely kind and outgoing person that I am, I would utilize any resources necessary to locate each and every piece of lowlife scum who dared to oppress the object of my affections. Once I found them all, I would sneak into their homes disguised as a young macaroni sculptor seeking the perfect subject to model for my art, slip sleeping drugs into their drinks, then quietly drag them to my lair where I would then proceed to tie them tightly to my bedpost, pry open their mouths, and pour tubs of butter down their throats until they suffocated to death. For the really heinous criminals I would crack open my secret box of rare animal carcasses and beat them senseless with the bones of a deceased wallaby purchased on the black market, then dispose of their corpse by slicing it into small pieces and slipping it into the soup I cook once a week to bring to the homeless shelter.
    You see, I’m perfect for Tyrone because I would defend his honor, and together we would live a peaceful and happy life without grudges or malice towards anyone.

  10. Overcooled says:

    Ryuuji, baby, BE MINE.
    If not, it will be one hell of a fun fight to try and make you mine, former gang member~

  11. sassy says:


  12. Kushi says:

    Name: Kushi
    (asian :P) Zodiac: Rooster
    Date: Kana
    Why?: cuz she’s the only one with long hair~

  13. Kyokai says:

    I see gender war going just above but favourites are pretty clear. Currently, girls winning with three more votes than the boys. Ohohohohooooo~

    Edit: Girls are winning, so it seems our audience is more male? Tsk.

  14. Kaori says:

    I’ve always liked athletic girls since i am always playing badminton and other sports and all. if she is secretive, i am sure that i can trust her with things and know that she is willing to keep it between us. my family is nowhere near normal, so having a person who comes from a unique family is nice. she attracted me mainly because she came up to me while i wasn’t having a good day and i was completely denying it with my bad attitude. to get my mind off of things, she challenged me to a small spar, demanding that i tell her what happened if she beat me… well, she kicked my butt. after telling her the details, she stayed with me the rest of the day with me. that was when i realized i liked her. later on, she slowly told me things about her mother and father showing me that she trusted me. we both trust each other with our feelings. i hope that she will feel the same when i tell her mine.

    • Kyokai says:

      Comment sealed for further processing~ Depth of like can seriously go beyond~ ^^

  15. anadanger says:


    zodiac sign: Aquarius c:

    Hottie: Oooooh Such gorgeous men! I’m having trouble picking between Hisoka and Ryuuji… maybe I won’t pick either of them and make them into a pairing c: RyuujixHisoka! hahaha But I would have choose Hisoka! (however I really do like the pairing TyronexHisoka! i can imagine it now… muwahahaha 8D)

    Why?: Psh! why else? He’s adorable and angsty! c: and a total uke

  16. Junko says:

    Name: Junko
    Zodiac: Cancer
    Reason: (Thrid person, go!) Junko is surrounded by art. Her mother paints, her uncle tattoos and her grandfather will talk to her about the great masters for hours on end. However Junko dosn’t get along with other artists and she couldn’t understand her art teachers one bit. Already secluded from the ‘common folk’ for the weird worlds that were scribbled all over her note books, she is quite the recluse. However, she still enjoys going to see great works of art on her own. And maybe one day she’d go to a great theater to admire the Van Gogh’s on display. And maybe she’d run into a shy boy who wanted to see a play showing that night, where a famous actor would be preforming. Maybe they’d reconise the little worlds they each lived in and maybe they’d become friend. Maybe the girl would draw a character and the boy would bring it to life. Maybe the boy would preform a monolouge and the girl would it visible. Maybe they’d create a world of their own and with each other’s support, show it to the world, in galleries, theaters, on T.V and the internet. Maybe they’d fall in love.

  17. bakuhasu says:

    *Pops in*….0_0… *Runs Away*…

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL!!! *grabs collar*

      You are not going anywhere! xD

    • bakuhasu says:


      • Ness says:

        Now that we’ve got him, we should do Baku’s BL Novel – The Sequel. It’s what he gets for popping up here~

    • Namika says:

      I know, that list is so big, it’s scary, but don’t be a coward, Bakuhasu-san!
      Either way… your life will depend on that, so >3
      Kyokai-san, do you need another pair of hands??? ^^

      • Kyokai says:

        Fufufufuuu~ Another pair of hands are always welcome! xD

        • Namika says:

          Okay then, my hands are entirely yours!!
          Suffocating, cutting into pieces – anything you want! ^^

          Though I get the feeling I’m going a bit overboard with this ^^”

  18. MikADo says:

    I demand to open harem route!! :3
    or do i have to clear all the other routes first? ㅋㅅㅋ

    • Kyokai says:

      Lolololll. You can think it up in your mind but you gotta choose one~ ^^

  19. Tofu says:

    LOLS This seems very interesting but what the heck, have some fun, no harm done ;D

    Name: TOFU~!
    Zodiac: Capricorn (Year of the Dog)
    The girl I would pick: Kana <3

    The reason behind why I would go for Kana, might be because she's got black hair, she's also got- omg I just noticed how stupid I sound in this… ANYWAY!!

    If Kana was a real girl, she would be the more desirable out of the rest because she's attractive both physically and referring to her BIO, seems like a very nice girl.

    Enjoys traditional stuff? Hey, I like Chinese tradition if that counts. I hate history itself, but the traditions are something I enjoy digging into.

    Although it does say she doesn't like to reveal personal information about herself, Mate, I'm all good with that because I'm the type of guy who wouldn't want to dig into anyones personal details unless they tell me. Then again, this is match making so let's say I get close to Kana, she'll trust me and I'll trust her and we'd open up to each other. I would even start so she knows she can reveal her personality xD

    I feel like I'm taking this to the next level but what the heck, I'm having fun!!

    Calm, composed, polite, great posture and above all, beautiful… Who wouldn't want a girl who has all these qualities, most of them are what I look into a girl and I myself (not bragging) is a very nice, sweet, happy guy who would help his friends and make anyone smile if they are down, that's who I am, but I'm also a bit lazy and a nerd apparently…as others say…

    Regarding hair and looks, she does seem the more asian out of the rest and I do prefer asians if I must say. I also find long hair very attractive. If I must say, there is a girl that I have a crush on at school that fits Kana's physical looks and has most of her personality which is quite freaky Kyokai…

    I tend to have a calm heart and a polite way of approaching everything. But hell no am I beautiful (as a guy) nor do I have good posture… But one thing for certain is I respect a girls privacy, I never go against it. Whatever she is or whoever she is, all that matters is you like the person for who they are right? ^^

    (yeah.. I've gone too far..) School can do this to you… :\

    • Kyokai says:

      Comment sealed for further processing~ Kana, matching your ideal girl? My resources were right, I presume. Fufufufuuu~ :3

  20. Bass says:

    Can I take all of the ladies? >_<

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