Guilty Crown – 09

Someone needs to lay off the drugs…

 Still no crowns this week, but we do get a lot of guilt! That means we’re 50% there in terms of having the anime match its own title. I’m still waiting for my blinged out crown, yo.
  So did everyone enjoy that random swimsuit episode from last week? I thought it was an alright episode even if half of the time the guys were drooling over Hare! Well I was one of them I still think she is a great side character. Anyway I am glad there are still fans out there that generally like Guilty Crown, which is really great! Otherwise I wouldn’t have a series to review on Metanorn. Plot this week follows Shu meeting Yahiro on a train headed home, the two of them decide to head off to Yahiro’s place to find his little brother Jun. Shu calls Ayase and tries to set up a transport for them, however the antibodies are a few steps ahead thanks to Segai who has a sudden discovery after they tried to retrieve Jun. Shu steps up to defend Jun by using Yahiro’s void until Jun suddenly becomes fused to Daryl’s mecha. In the end Jun begs Shu to end his life before he kills his brother and Shu agrees but feels really disturbed after killing Jun.

Yahiro-“I will save you from the pop-rock virus I swear!!”         Jun-“You can let go now…seriously…”

We start off with Yahiro and Jun running away from a nearby church after Segai and a few of his troops arrive to take Jun away, it seems Segai had special plans for Jun or maybe he likes kidnapping young boys? After that we get a short trip to school with Hare and Kanon chatting about who they like. Naturally Hare is really interested in Shu and she joins him to go shopping together after school, while on the train Yahiro suddenly appears after he randomly dives into the train and finds Shu glaring at him. You mad Shu? Yes I know Yahiro stabbed you in the back and tossed you into the hands of Segai, so you have plenty of reasons to hate him…

Hare-“Stareeeeeeeee…..”                                                        Shu-“Damn I still have zero twitter friends…”

Hare-“Hmmm must be a new extreme sport? Train diving.”                 Yahiro-“I think I broke something…help…”

Yahiro decides to take Shu back to his other place and where he finally meets Jun, who still looks like a girl I swear! Shu then calls up Ayase to try and arrange a transport to pick them up, while Shu arranges this meeting Segai is watching every step they take and plans to take Jun back with force. So they head out with Jun until they get attacked by the Anti-bodies! Man they are terrible shots; I think they were told to miss on purpose just to scare them. Shu then turns to Yahiro and rips out his void weapon and uses it to defend Jun against Daryl, Who shows up with a new toy attached to his machine that tracks “void” power.

Shu-“I want some damn pizza delivered now!”        Yahiro-“Dude, I don’t think pizza will cure my little brother.”

Gai is one hell of a pro at connect four while Inori is still confused about the rules.

Shu likes humans and machines he swings both ways yo!

Shu runs off to get Daryl’s attention away from Jun, until he suddenly screams causing his void crystals to glow! Drawing in the new weapon and resulting in Jun getting pinned to the ceiling. I will admit to laughing at that scene and the other half going ouch! That has to hurt so much. Before Daryl can celebrate his victory his machine is suddenly infected by the virus causing it to go berserk, it seemed like Jun somehow “fused” to the mecha. Jun then attacks the others and grabs his brother attempting to kill him, Shu rushes in to stop the rampaging machine stabbing it with his weapon and enters Jun’s mind where they have a short chat about lost Christmas.

Jun-“I knew I should have stayed in bed today…guess I will take a nap.”

Segai-“You could say we…nailed this case.”

Rowan-“So red means something bad right??”                                       Daryl-“TURN IT OFF! AHHHH!!”


Jun-“Would you stop staring at me like that?”                       Shu-“Sorry I keep thinking that you are a girl.”

While inside Jun’s mind Shu learns that Jun really wants to die, due to the pain of having the Apocalypse virus still inside of him and some desires to kill his brother! Whoa creepy there kid. After the flashback Jun begs Shu to end his life quickly before he crushes his brother, Shu panics and is left with no choice as he kills Jun and saves Yahiro’s life. Damn saving the guy that betrayed you originally? I guess Shu has a huge heart when it comes to friendship. In the end Shu is left traumatized while explaining to Yahiro that he had to killed Jun.

Shu-“Let me cut this short.”                        Jun-“Thank god! Now I don’t have to listen to any more puns.”

Yahiro-“You are so not my friend anymore…”        Shu-“I have all the friends I need in my mind…yes…friends…”

Extra super awesome crowns

And we like you scar face.

Dan-“Blaw blaw blaw AMERICA!!”

Ayase-“No I don’t feel like piloting my giant robot to save your ass, I rather knit like a boss.”

Transformers four will feature robots with crystal cancer, aren’t you excited?

End thoughts

I liked this episode much, much more than the previous one. At least this one was coherent and focused on one main story. Guilty Crown tends to get a bit jarring when it tries to tackle too much at once. But this was good! It’s nice to see Yahiro back even if he was a dirty traitor. They set up an interesting story with him doing all of these bad things just to protect his brother, and it’d be a real shame if they had just dropped that after he betrayed Shu. This serves as a big reminder that the Apocalypse Virus is still at large and that no one really knows a lot about it.

How can the cancer be able to transfer itself that quickly? And to machines!? Did Jun trnsfer his mind into the cancer, and then transfer the cancer into the robot in order to control it? I don’t think cancer works that way. But then again, cancer doesn’t form giant crystal structures on half of your body either. That was a bit weird. However, I do like the implications of Voids and the Virus having some sort of connection. It’s like, if your Void goes haywire, you’re stuck with the complexion of a cave wall with your only consolation being the ability to see others Voids. I really hope this means Gai won’t eventually become this sick, because we’ve already seen Inori having to treat him. The man is not well, and he might just kick the bucket before the series ends and leave Shu in charge.

Shu in charge of a huge organization sounds crazy now, but you have to admit, the little dork has come a long way. Hare points it out like EVERY EPISODE in case it isn’t obvious enough, but he’s becoming more confident and forceful. He’s less passive and has stopped letting himself get bossed around. This is really good, except he still has one minor flaw. He’s too trusting. Shu would risk that much just to save some traitor? Really? Are you taking street smart advice from Mirai Nikki’s Yukiteru or something, because you really suck at picking at your friends. :/ Also, why didn’t he expect some sort of counter attack when Segai’s been watching him so closely lately? Stupid, stupid Shu…Ah well, he’s getting better so I should praise him for that. Let’s hope that him killing Jun doesn’t drive him back in the other direction completely.

Speaking of the wrong direction, wasn’t Daryl supposed to be one of those badass, sadistic villains? Why is he being portrayed as a pathetic brat who cries because no one attends his birthday parties? The GC villains have become laughable, with only Segai posing as any true threat. Even then, he’s so lax that I’ve started to really let my guard down around him. He just sits back and lets everyone else do anything, so I see no reason to fear him, no matter how many hints he drops that he’s planning something big under the radar. It seems the biggest villain in this show right now is Shu’s own mind as he screws up various things here and there. Come on, Funeral Parlour, you should be dominating these guys by now! I want more awesome fights!

Well this was certainly an interesting episode this week; thanks to some drama and a traumatized shu! Poor guy I bet his mind is going to be so screwed up after everything he has seen and done. It was kind of nice to see Yahiro again even thou he was a terrible friend for selling him out, but he did do it all for his little brother Jun. Speaking of Jun his voice actor is Tsuda Minami, she played Yui from Yuru yuri and Phryne from Fractale. I was thinking it was Yukimura from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, did you happen to notice at the start of the episode Jun was reaching for that knife? It appears he was ready to die from the start.

Well who could blame Jun? That virus does not look like fun to mess with. I still think Jun was able to transfer or “fuse” to Daryl’s machine or something like that it did appear like Jun was in control. And a new discovery! I think it is safe to say that Gai has some of that Apocalypse virus inside his body giving him the power to see voids. However it does add more mystery behind Inori’s character, like her blood? Maybe it acts as some special antivirus for Gai? I still wonder what she could be maybe a clone or some science experiment that Gai stole from the GHQ? Either way I hope they explore more behind Inori.

Enough questions for now! I did enjoy watching Hare again this week even thou she failed to get her feelings across to Shu. I wonder if she heard Shu talk about killing Jun like that unless she has super hearing I don’t see that becoming a issue, although Shu is going to be messed up for a while anyway. The best thing about this episode was the music, especially during the flashback inside Jun’s mind it just makes me want this soundtrack so freaking badly. I felt so sad for Jun thou! Damn that kid really got the short end of the stick thanks to the Apocalypse Virus, now we have to see how Shu deals with death and all that jazz…

Last thought! Dan eagle man was back again! I thought they fired his ass after screwing up those missiles? I laughed so much watching Segai’s reaction to Dan and his amazing thumbs up. Also it seems Segai has grown to his unique nickname of “scar face” Oh man workplace nicknames are the best aren’t they? And it seems there is something strange with Daryl I guess he can’t see Shu for some odd reason, I still have no idea why…Maybe Shu is just so ugly that Daryl’s eyes don’t allow him to see such main character with hax-powers.


This is what the girls were doing all day! Sleeping with tiny robots.

Shu deals with his trauma of killing Jun breaking down at school, while Gai and the others prepare another mission after meeting up with Arisa.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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22 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 09”

  1. Reaper says:

    You killed Yahiro’s brother; Social Link up! XD I was waiting to see when Yahiro would show up again, considering the love child business between Shu and him, and then he appears flopping onto the floor of the train…eerily similar to my Persona fanfic when Yosuke smacks his nose into the train door after chasing it…oh well, Production IG couldn’t possibly be stealing my ideas…*sneaky stares to the sides*
    Anywho, aside from Captain America (who reminds me of a bulked up Alphonse Elric…:S), wasn’t Jun saying how he thought Yahiro kept thinking he (Jun) was holding him back because of the Apocalypse Virus? Makes sense with Yahiro’s Void being a pair of secateurs so he could sever himself from everything that weighed him down. If so…Yahiro, you just lost all respect I had returned to you after stabbing Shu in the back, saying you wanted to save your brother…I guess I’ll have to wait til next ep to see the truth but yay, backstory (a little) on Lost Christmas, with the attack/explosion (confusing it with UN-GO since they’re background stories are similar)
    And once again, Daryl gets raped whilst piloting the Endlave; I think he’s developing a fetish for this…
    PS Some theory now but couldn’t Shu had tried to extract the Apocalypse Virus infection from Jun? The way I see it, the Virus appearance is like a Void but corrupted somehow, since if everyone has a Void in them, it might mean everyone got infected, yet not one’s covered in pop-rocks…oh well, just a theory to think about 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yes! I was waiting for Yahiro to eventually show up to be like Sup Shu..mind helping me out? Sucker!! and trick him once again, ya poor Jun! He did not deserve death but he was in pain so we can’t hate Shu to much for doing that.

      Yeah Jun felt his new disease was slowing his brother down, after all he probably gave up on going to school just to take care of Jun. Yeah I am curious to find out about the lost Christmas even, it sort of reminds me of Penguin drum and the relationship with the attacks.

      I think he could have but one thing is clear Gai has some of the Apocalypse virus inside of him and Inori’s blood is the key to a cure! Or something like that…It looks like next week you may get your answers we saw several people get “infected” unless it is a flaskback?

  2. Gecko says:

    Segai hasn’t really grown into that “scarface” name, he’s just playing by Dan’s game to get ahead, like he said. He looked really disgusted after acting all happy to Dan. I would too- there’s no way I could take Dan seriously.

    Gai definitely has the virus, if he can see voids, and if we’re going by what Jun has told us. I’m guessing that this will end up leading to Gai’s death later or something similar. Inori’s blood help won’t last forever… She probably is giving him blood transfusions to keep the virus low enough to keep Gai safe. I doubt she’s a clone, although she sure acts like one.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah this is true Sengai is just putting up with Dan right now, Dan is really easy for Sengai to trick! After all we all know Sengai is the true brains behind these recent “missions”

      Yep! Gai has the virus, now what does Inori’s role play? Do you think her blood is a like a possible anti-virus? Either way I am super curious to see how things play out. LOL Yean if Inori is not a clone she certainly acts like one or a living doll…

  3. amado says:

    I have lots of complaints with this ep. but since it would be too many I’ll just say what I liked about this ep:

    “Ok, Dan. We’ll finish this mission with guts” – segai scarface

    really, only that was the good thing. all that saving, mecha blablah, and jun dying was a load of BS.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well don’t worry if you feel the need to rant by all means do it xDD

      LOL that line was amazing and I loved Segai’s thumbs up it fit so perfect.

      • amado says:

        well my big dig on this was the “tragic death”. seriously, they’re trying to make it emotional but its not working because A) this guy was just introduced and B) he was just introduced as scape goat for this ep. no buildup and the shu was going OOC(if that was even more possible at this point)

        people who felt sad for this ep need to watch more anime. or better yet go out and see the real world for a bit. I felt more sadness from that old guy in kyoukai no horizon when he sacrificed himself to protect the city, because we saw a bit more of him than just a side character.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah the death of Jun was a bit strange, but I suppose they wanted to give Shu a taste of reality? I think they really want us to feel pulled to feel sorry for Shu? That is how I see that whole death thing.

          True, in most anime a character death is usually a turning point for most fans. I have met a few people that quit watching certain anime when they grow attached to a character. That is really sad but everyone has different reactions to anime death..

  4. amado says:

    I swear I was the first commentator here. how did you guys get on top of me?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think it was because everyone commented first but their comments were delayed and didn’t show up once they were finished. That’s why it seemed like you were the first one. It’s happened to a lot people. It’s happened to me quite often.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah probably comment lag as in everyone posting at once, not sure =/

  5. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was a notch higher than the others and very emotional. Shu said he doesn’t abandon people but in the end, he couldn’t keep his promise and killed Jun. And killing him made him snap. I laughed when he told Yahiro “Just shut up and let me use you!!!”.

    I should have known Hare wouldn’t listen to Shu and go shopping like he asked to. That kind of stubborness is what gets people killed. I’m surprised she didn’t get caught up in what happened in the warehouse.

    Gai knows how to be cool but Segai knows how to be cool as well. Not once have I seen him overreact over anything.

    If Jun could have seen voids because he was infected with the virus, then that means Gai’s probably going to end up in the same state as he can see voids himself. And if that’s the case, he’s been exposed to a small amount because he hasn’t sprout any crystals on his body.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh poor Shu! That was a hard choice for him but in the end I think he wanted to save Yahiro…LOL Yes! That line was great xD

      Right Hare is getting in to deep…she has no idea what she is getting into! God I hope she does not join the Funeral Parlor…PLEASE NO!! I could see Sengai using her if he found out she likes him.

      Gai and Segai! The coolest males in Guilty Crown like seriously.

      Eventually Gai will suffer, but as long as he has Inori by his side giving him blood I think he will be fine for now. Unless something dramatic happens to Inori? I could see her getting seriously hurt and become more like Rei in Evangelion xD

  6. skylion says:

    Episode Fail: No Tsugumi. No, sorry, the Preview image does not save face. When are the producers going to realize the true star of this show?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lack of Tsugumi always makes me sad! WHERE IS HER EPISODE?! DO WANT…Anyway lack of Inori made the episode completely different, not that I would notice due to her being quiet like a damn mouse..

      Yep! Less emo Shu and more moe moe Tsugumi.

  7. Kitty says:

    Wow, hello. Wasn’t excepting to see the tragic brothers again. Why do I get the feeling Yahiro might turn into a big baddy boss later? Points to Shu for stepping up the game this episode. Thou I’m torn between Hare and Inori. Hare is really cute but Inori sings….

    I liked that we did get a story line for Yahiro. I had written him off, so that was a nice surprise. I would like to see the plot start moving now, but enjoyable episode none the less.

    (Also experiences comment lag, but it all works out so I’m happy ^_^)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that was a shocker wasn’t it? I was not expecting Shu to kill Jun like that, yeah I suspect Yahiro will want some revenge later on. Hmmm out of those two girls? I like Hare more for Shu, sadly I don’t think Hare stands a chance against Inori because Shu has his eyes set on her.

      Yeah! Even thou he tricked Shu the first time it was nice to see Yahiro’s story kind of play out.

      Yeah it seems to be random who can get “first” xD

  8. anaaga says:

    Crappy as usual, except the whole tragedy thing makes this episode a little bit better. I kind of ship Yahiro with Shu…
    Or Jun x Yahiro. I didn’t know that Yahiro’s sister is a GUY. He’s a trap expert.
    Another plus is Scarface’s “happy face.” I totally laughed my ass when I watched that. Oh, and Dan reminds me of Ivan from Tiger & Bunny! :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah the tragedy made this a better episode for most people and that BGM during the flashback inside of Jun’s mind was amazing! I ripped that audio from the episode xDD

      LOL Yeah! I thought it was totally a chick too poor Jun you look like a trap…well looked! Because he is no more T___T Ahahah feel free to ship whatever you like ;D

      Scarface and Dan are the best lots of GUTS yo!

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  11. […] poor performance in general from the ladies of Guilty Crown this week. Outside of a brief scene losing at Connect 4 to Gai, Inori is mostly absent, and Ayase is knitting while manning the phones?? And no Tsugumi at […]

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