Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – 11

Did someone order a Garterbelt special?

Overcooled here, reporting from the depths of exam week hell. I hope everyone else is in a festive mood regardless of me being stuck with piles of notes. The snow on the site was enough to distract but now we have lights! Christmas colours! Banners! It’s all a clever ploy to keep you here forever, and it must be working at least a little bit if you’re reading this…

They cut the already short opening down to a few seconds to spare us time. What could this episode be about that they had to cut out the OP and the ED?! Oh boy!!! But then it starts with Garterbelt lecturing the angels on not doing their job and I feel like I’ve been tricked. But wait, it gets better! Garter accidentally drops a bondage gag (I don’t know what it’s actually called, and have no intention of googling something like that XD) and shoves it hastily into his sleeve again once they take notice.

Blackmail is the name of the game. The rules: try to get some dirt on Garterbelt so he won’t bug them about killing Ghosts anymore. The game is going quite well, as the first night they stalk him, he descends into a secret underground stairway. Panty and Stocking are quick to follow, and ready to get some gossip.

YOU FLIPPED OVER A TRAP CARD. But really, all underground stairwells in Churches lead to giant catacomb-like tunnels filled with booby traps. All of which, the Anarachy sisters set off in their haste to find out Garter’s secret. It takes more than a few hundred arrows and a living statue to stop these two though. They make it into what appears to be the jackpot room in no time.

You see a diary: you read it. It’s almost a law of nature. My interest was peaked the second I saw a younger Garter, complete with dreads and a super gangsta attitude. This is one hell of a backstory. It turns out that Garter was an extremely skilled criminal who made it to the top of the dumpy area he lived in, only to be assassinated and lose it all.

He was offered redemption, but he scoffed at God (more than just scoffed. He cussed out God so hard, no amount of soap could wash that mouth clean) and was struck back down to Earth. Another awesome music segment as Garter lives from the time of the dinosaurs to current time? Sure, why not. <3

After the best History flashback ever, Garter finally accepts becoming a disciple of God . By the time the climax is reached, Panty and Stocking fell asleep…When they wake up, they forget what they were doing and leave, revealing Garter’s horrible BDSM fetish….

Does this make Chuck the sadist?

The next section is a kick at the old slice-of-life can. Panty and Stocking spend the entire time whining about being hungry, abusing Chuck, and talking about either their sex life, how hungry they are or returning to Heaven. They eventually order a shit-ton of food since Garter is taking too long to cook, only to have Garter appear later with an equally large amount of food. His afro was voted the best, hence this feast…The sisters are forced to eat everything, and just sit there as blobs as the credits roll by. Oh, and Briefs came to visit and was as awkward as usual, but who cares. Yeah…that’s really all that happened. Is it bad that I was kind of entertained?

The old build a stripper pole to Heaven trick. Classic.

End Thoughts: I’m sure a lot of people felt like Gainax trolled them again, but I thought this was actually a pretty decent episode. The first part actually had me smiling a bit, who would’ve thought Garterbelt would have such a cool past? I expected lots of little boys, and thank God that didn’t happen @_@ Either he actually lived that long and is into bondage or the story was total bollocks and he’s just into bondage. Either or…That man terrifies me.

The “slice of life” part was very chill. Not a lot happens, and it’s pretty much the antithesis of what PnS usually aims for. From off-the-chain action to not even changing the scenery? Hmm. It still worked out to be amusing enough to hold my interest, but I could never rewatch it. Gainax don’t…don’t do that again, okay? It was alright, but I don’t want to see anymore of this kind of thing from you >_< At least the topic of returning to Heaven came up, which may become an actual *gasp* SERIOUS topic for the next few episodes.

I am really hoping for a kickass finale in the last few episodes coming up. If PnS doesn’t go out with a bang, I know I’m going to write it off as “almost the best thing ever, but it failed.” Ever the optimist, I’m gonna hope for the re-emergence of the demon sisters and the Mayor in a 2-episode long showdown. Even a 1-episode long fight would please me as long as it’s good. Just DON’T. SCREW IT UP. *shakes fist*



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15 Responses to “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – 11”

  1. gwern says:

    > Does this make Chuck the sadist?

    I’d read it as a hilarious ref to Lilith on her cross in Evangelion. But you’ve seen the episode and I haven’t.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh, I definitely missed that if it’s a reference XD I kind of assumed it was just a typical bondage thing.

  2. Dan-go says:

    Eh was this episode a little bit slow? it felt like a step back from the usual hi speed random senseless action that i’ve come to know and love

    • Ness says:

      Yeah it did feel kind of slow compared to the others. But it was kind of a cool down compared to always seeing the demon sisters and we got to learn about Garterbelt’s.. other hobby.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s slow because they didn’t beat anything up XD

  3. Foshizzel says:

    First half was good lots of interesting things xD loved all the locations Garterbelt went through. Second half was great for a few laughs xD all that food! omg….

    • Overcooled says:

      Garterbelt’s journey through time was awesome XD Second half wasn’t bad either~ It made me hungry though…

  4. MikADo says:

    Part A was great 😛
    surprised how accurate the Bible/History reference are LOL
    but part B was ermm “mundane”
    it looked as if i was watching Hidamari Sketch or sth ;;
    btw Gaterbelt is freaking immortal LMFAO

    • Overcooled says:

      Haven’t read the Bible or seen Hidamari sketch, but I know enough to get the references lulz poor Adam and Eve.

  5. Ness says:

    I kind of knew he was hiding behind the wall somewhere in part A. I was waiting to see like eyes peeking in through holes haha.

  6. Gunny says:

    the first part was a cool flash back (YEAH, THE OST \o/). Gaterbelt was so cool *-* “I expected lots of little boys” [2] thanks God he wasn’t a pedo back then. I loved his dreades :3…as for the slice of life part, it was ok. I want a pet like Chuck. It would be fun to kick him everyday to easy the stress, and he is immortal so I don’t have to worry about dead corpses. lol
    I miss some RUUURU’s ;P

    • Overcooled says:

      YES THE MUSIC <3 It made his non-pedo past life all the better. I want a pet Chuck to abuse, but he's kind of ugly, so I'm not sure o__o

      Those demon sisters BETTER BE THERE NEXT EPISODE

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