SA ~Special A~ 09: Villa/Letter



Yahiro brings Hikari to his villa to make her as bait for Akira to come over there. But Kei is the one who rescues her and then blahblahblah… like any other show where a knight rescues his princess… Blahblahblah…boring!!!


The good thing is, what I liked here is that this episode didn’t became repetitive as the other episodes where “Hikari tries to beat Kei in a challenge but fails….” format. But the bad thing is, I’m starting to lose interest in the show overall. The jokes don’t make me laugh anymore. And in my opinion, I really don’t like the crayon-style when there’s a romantic scene. I don’t know if its just me but I find it cheesy… I also hate the fact that Hikari is such a brickhead.. Anyway, the thing that kept me hanging on this show is the next episode where it would be Ryuu-centered, he’s becoming one of my favorite characters here.. I’m also waiting for the characters such as Finn and Sakura to come…

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2 Responses to “SA ~Special A~ 09: Villa/Letter”

  1. reid says:

    I agree on you on the part where SA is really becoming uninteresting. Unlike Ouran, it gives new comedy every episode but SA had been very repetitive this past few weeks…

  2. capribara says:

    I think Finn wont make it into the anime co’z its only 24 episodes… Maybe Sakura can have an appearance in the anime.

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