Special A: Chapter 99 [FINALE]


Nuuu~ It ended already T__T… [WARNING: Spoilers! This is the final chapter, duh~]

I saw the raw last March, but I refrained from posting my final impressions until it gets translated. But now, huge thanks to Potato-Otaku for scanlating it, and thanks also to several other scanlators that gave all their hardwork scanlating throughout the whole series as well ^^. When I’m making this post, I thought that I should insert it on my Manga Digest’s next batch but it got longer than expected and this one’s really something special so I just decided to write this one on a separate post ^^.

I can’t believe that one of my favorite shoujo mangas has come to an end. I was surprised also by the fact that I kept myself alive reading 99 chapters O_O (it’s a record, baby!!!) and I’m proud of myself that this had become my longest-read manga up to date ^^ (I’m still catching up on Skip Beat!, unfortunately, so it will soon follow XD). It’s funny because I did a lot of catch-ups last month of almost more than 50 chapters to get ready for the finale. So thank God it’s summer vacation for me in here.

Probably what kept me holding on to this series is that there are lots of couplings to choose from (like SDC) and I never get bored of it because they sometimes give something new to the table. The characters are also crazy-funny, in a good way, and characters really give a lot of major help on making a series successful to the hearts of readers.

In the final chapter, we continue on to the celebration in Hakusenkan. With Iori quitting the SA and instead, going to London to pursue his dreams of being a beautician, Akira was glad that Ryuu regains back his spot on the SA. Meanwhile, Ryuu on the other hand, doesn’t know if he’s gonna be happy with such matter that Iori’s leaving. After that, there’s lots of preparations and invitations to give out. Hikari’s birthday is approaching too.


Yay~ A permanently female Finn!!! LOL I got so used to his (what? his? XD See, I got so used to male pronouns when I refer to Finn XDDD) handsome male form that I’ll miss him so much T__T and RyuuFinn is my favorite SA pairing ever, lol too sad though that they lacked love and Finn didn’t had a chance to get in the anime adaptation T_T. Girl Finn is so pretty ^^, and I’m glad they won’t have any problems when they start to date together XD.


Sakura watches Jun with his violin practices and even though Jun is still horrible in his ways, Sakura thought he got quite better even though she’s on the floor lol. Jun apologized and swore that he’ll be good someday to impress her. Sakura finds it moe again and kiss his cheek, but Jun transformed again to his Playboy self XD. Lol, Playboy Jun is win, even though he’s kidding XD.


OMFG I’ll miss these two so much T ^ T!!! They are my second favorite couple on this series T_T it’s so sad to let them go~ Nuuu~~ *glomps the two*. It’s so cute how Megumi waited outside Kokusen and she immediately went erasing all her thoughts on inviting Yahiro to an Opera House written on her board XD. But Yahiro can easily read her and he took the initiative to ask her out ^^. So cute~ Don’t worry Megu-chan because I’ll be awaiting for you more on SoMT ^__^. Go Megumi!!!


Akira is really a great friend to everyone. I mean, resident cook ftw! Kidding aside, in the end, it’s still shown that she loves the SA members, especially Hikari, as she prepares pastries for her upcoming birthday.


Lol Tadashi totally looked like Akira (Eden of the East) in here XD. Aww, he’ll definitely be one of the characters I’ll really miss the most. Tbh, I love Tadashi more when I saw the anime since he got voiced by Hiro Shimono, but he’s always lovable forever in the manga.


Lol in the end, Hikari remains the biggest thickheaded loser XD. Well, that’s why we all love Hikari ^^. She might be perpetually losing to Kei, but she didn’t know that she won Kei’s heart already~<3



That was really sweet when Kei ran upstairs on the skyscraper with Hikari too to show her something. It turns out to be a huge proposal in the form of fireworks. DAWW~~!!! Kyaaa~~~ I guess this is what the series’ finale had to offer… fireworks. How exciting -__-.

Hikari saw the fireworks to be a huge challenge. If she said yes, she thought that she’ll lose again, so she’ll do her best to defeat him in that matter and see who’ll win. Kei on the other hand, takes her challenge, with a fist, and yeah… The series ended just like any regular day with the SA.

The ending felt… unsatisfying. Not really disappointing, but unsatisfying. It’s good that they gave each couple in the show their final shining moment, but *sighs* there’s no improvement, changes, whatsoever. Perhaps if they had added a timeskip, it would be better. I demand an extra chapter now! Lol. Yeah, a special extra chapter would be fitting, and I’ll be contented if ever the manga-ka will show what happened to their futures ^^.

But overall, I’ll miss this manga so much. It’s sad to bid farewell again on a manga that I fell in love with T__T. Bye~bye SA T__T…


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20 Responses to “Special A: Chapter 99 [FINALE]”

  1. Ashelea says:

    Lol it ended already on 99 chapters? XD… I’m still on like, chapter 30+ or something XD. Need to catchy up :mwahaha:

  2. akane12 says:

    I HATE THE ENDING! :rage:
    There’s no kiss! Hikari’s still blockhead and we didn’t even get to see their future! What the hell is up with this ending. There MUST be a special extra to see more of this or else I wasted 99 chapters of my reading time.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. It would really be better if there will be an extra. You know, I hate it when fans always rages about an ending without having a kiss scene. I know it’s sweet and cute but it’s getting so boring and it’s like the ‘standard’ for endings already so cut out that rage.

  3. cinderbird says:

    Lol I got to read the latter rest of this manga yet since when I lost interest in this one when I’m watching the anime XD. The ending looked cute though, and I also love Megumi and Yahiro :3

    • kanzeon says:

      But I thought that the manga was better so I hope you can catch up on it ^^. Yay for another MeguxYahiro fangirl~

  4. kyaa~ says:

    I agree. I’m hoping also for a bonus extra chapter where they’ll show what happens later in their adult life. It would be very interesting. I hope the author won’t disappoint us and keep us wondering on what happened to them. The ending was still sweet though :kyaa:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^. It’s great so that we won’t be wondering about what happens on their futures that much XD.

  5. Faerie_Dust says:

    I honestly love how it ended, though I consider the “real” ending of it had happened already on chapter 98. I guess this chapter is just a new beginning. Which is really something fresh to see in a shoujo manga. I love how the author kept us wondering on how the characters will happen on the future because I think she intentionally did it so that all of the characters will live together with us and it’ll get stamped on to our hearts.

    Somehow I quite agree with you about having an extra special chapter. I’ll definitely read it and it’s worth waiting for. I hope Minami Maki will come to realize to make it.

    This will remain my favorite shoujo manga ever because it has the perfect mix of comedy, drama, friendship and romance. It’s really entertaining to read, and even though there are some loops, or repetitive moments, I can’t help but to appreciate everything this has. Whew, 5 years on the running of this manga. I thank the sensei behind, Minami Maki, so much for giving us this great read ^^.

    Thanks for the review 😉 and goodbye to SA T.T

    • kanzeon says:

      That’s very touching for Minami-sensei to make the SA character live with us ^^. It’s great for her to do that but I’m still hoping for an extra chapter ^^. It’s better if we see how did the SA members progressed on their lives ^^. Yes, it’s really a very likable manga and I agree with you ^^. Goodbye to SA T__T…

  6. xXlassXx says:

    There should be at least a kiss for the ending!! And there should also be a wedding!!! I was really disappointed.

  7. mikan-sakura says:

    Agh. Lame that I didn’t even heard a single “I love you” from Tadashi to Akira. They’re my favorite couple of this series T^T

  8. FuyuMaiden says:

    Yeah, the last chapter was unsatisfying. I guess that’s because it felt like SA ran out of stuff to do before this point. The last little arc didn’t really feel like a big deal because you knew how it was going to end.

    And Hell Yeah an extra chapter! Minami-sensei needs to take a lesson from Arina-sensei. When people get the feeling that a final chapter is off or unsatisfying (though I personally loved the last chapter of ShinKuro~) you give everyone an extra chapter.

    Besides, then we’d have 100 chapters. (It annoys me to no end that she stopped at 99. What damage would it have done to just fit it into the plans to have one more!?)

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki – Episode 80

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, the last arc felt like nothing really worth the impact at all imo. It had gotten downhill and I agree with you that it really feels like they ran out of stuff to do anymore..

      Yes, Minami-sensei really needs to do that ^^. I hope she’ll know about how much the majority of SA fans felt unsatisfied on the final chapter so that she’ll do an extra special one ^^. I also personally love the ending of ShinKuro ^__^.

      Lol yeah, she could’ve made it to a hundred so that she’ll be cooler XD

  9. maya-nee says:

    They didnt even kiss! I wish there’s an extra chapter… Im also unsatisfied by the ending :ehh:

  10. iDeeKay says:


    It ended… T ^ T!!! Nyuuuu! D: 😥

    I positively agree with you on the extra chapter >_> I kind of feel like 99 is just any other Kei and Hikari day… you know, Hikari finds a new activity to challenge Kei into… Kei wins… yada yada. :-_-:

    And it WAS unsatisfying ): But it’s been soooooo long… I want a second season!!! 99/100 more chapters!

    I watched the anime first then read the manga though XD Very different.

    What book is chapter 99 in? o_o

    But I predict that they get married and all and never let go of the whole challenge thing. I dunno… but when i’m not reading a manga, I imagine everything in anime form -_-”

    Kei x Hikari :cute2:

    This is like Ouran KouKou Host Club. Awesome manga/anime, bad ending. Extra chapter/episode! :cute2:

  11. jessica tran says:

    😉 i sooooo luv it!!!<3

  12. Konata says:

    ME TOO!!!!!!!! I want an extra chapter. But still I’m happy for kei ’cause he finally got the girl of his dreams and I’m sure that you would think twice before you touch kei’s girl (hope that Kei’s family will accept her) THANK YOU VERY MUCH S.A. I will still read your manga and will wait for another season as long as I live SAYONARA!!! 😉 ^-^ 🙂 :4:

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