SA ~Special A~ 10 – Anchor/Ryuu


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This was a really cute and sweet episode. If Ouran has Mori, I think SA has Ryuu for the “Wild Type” for he is the type of person who seems very nice but he’s also the type of person you shouldn’t mess up with. Ryuu is definitely my favorite male character here in SA. This episode also reveals that the reason he is 7th in the SA is that he always looks out on the twins before himself. The 10-minute test scene really amazed me(I wish I could do that…) and if he just focuses more on studies, he would already be matching up with Kei and Hikari. And speaking of those two, I found Kei’s flirtiness really direct but things between them really goes slow… And finally, thanks again to m.3.3.w and Baka Wolf for the subs!!!



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One Response to “SA ~Special A~ 10 – Anchor/Ryuu”

  1. velvetsky says:

    Nice episode…
    Wow Ryuu is your character of the week! He looks hot in that icon..
    *Fangirl Squeelings*

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