Anime and Manga Round-up


I’ve been up to some anime series shopping and I’ve picked two shows which aired not so long ago…



The Shigofumi, or The Letters of The Departed, are the last words of the people who died and they send them to the person who wants to give justice to their death, grudges, or gratitude for being a part of their lives. The series also tackles very controversial issues that really happens in reality: bullying, suicide, lesbianism, prostitution, child abuse and the most common one, death. I thought that this is one bloody hell surprising anime so far this year! OMG The first episode was like, shocking but as it continues on to episode two, it puts up piece by piece on how did it ended up that way. THAT WAS THE F*CKING BEST 2 FIRST EPISODES IN AN ANIME THAT I’VE EVER WATCHED! I must say that the series was really suspenseful and I had been enjoying every minute of watching it. It also has witty humor, which works out well for it brightens the dark atmosphere of the series a little. The overall series itself had became inconsistent up to the final episode but still, it gave a great closure.

I’ll be feeling like a judge today and give it a 89% out of a hundred ^_^


KimiKiss ~Pure Rouge~

What the f*ck. The ending sucks eggs… They just gave the main girl to end up with the main guy… The main girl (Mao) already has a loyal, handsome, talented, truthful boyfriend (Kai) but she broke up with him just because she realizes that she’s in love with a younger loser who calls her ‘onee-chan’ (Kazuki) who is already happy with his kind girlfriend (the saint-like Yuumi) Then Kouichi realizes that he also has feelings for his Maonee-chan and immediately breaks up with his girlfriend, just when she is moving on to another school and he made a promise of being with her. That was really sad. The directors couldn’t even thought about adding some character development on the two leads since the whole series were like, focused on their own relationships and the girls themselves unlike the Futami x Kazuki pairing, which I rooted from the start (poor Sakino though T.T)… But besides that, I can’t say that I got hooked into the series. Like ef, it also has two main male characters who face their own love dilemmas. Kimikiss is quite good and the kiss-service makes up for it ^_^

I’ll be feeling like a judge today and give it a 67% out of a hundred ^_^



Three mangas caught my attention while I’m manga hunting… Err, actually they’re four, including Onani Master Kurosawa… XDD Which I can’t believe that I ended up reading all released chapters and it’s weird because I find it unique 😛 ! Anyway, here are the other three…


This manga is pure genius. I’m really entertained up until the latest chapter out. It is a story of a vampire girl Misaki, and a young man Kuroe, who lives together. Misaki and her family were attacked by vampires that’s why she became one and therefore, got adopted by Kuroe after losing her family. Not much is known about her yet since I’ve only read a few chapters of it but her vampire side is not yet dominant so she is still a tweeny young girl. Kuroe is a young man who is a very workaholic private investigator, who doesn’t care much on girls. One thing I like about the story is like it goes kinda slice of life-y in a second then it turns on to a dark, mystery, crime-oriented situation. What also makes this unique is the pages’ background are in black, instead of the normal ‘white’ one behind the panels, which complements the story’s dark side.


PhotobucketShikabane Hime

Girls with guns ftw! As you all know, Shikabane Hime will have an anime adaptation to come this Fall but I guess I’ll try to read the manga first so that I’ll knew if it is worth watching… And BLOODY HELL YES! It is suspense-filled, action-packed and entertaining to zombie-flesh bits. I’m not saying entertaing because it’s only gory… It’s also entertaining because it is all about “chasing here and there” and “I thought I killed that zombie but I forgot to squash the head so it’s still alive, silly me”… The fan service is tolerable though so I think I can handle it ^_^.

Bocchama Ha Ijiwaru – This funny smut-romance-comedy manga is over the top sweet and cute. Mike is a maid for the son of a rich company owner, Kaoru Sakurakouji (or Bocchama, for short). Actually, they are childhood friends and Bocchama just name Mike randomly after finding her on the street. Bocchama has an exxagerated underwear fetish that he even got sick because of not seeing some of Mike’s for a day. The story is pointless, the events are random, everything is retarded. Not the best smutty-romance mangas out there but it is good for laughs.



  • I edited the post of America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 episode 3: The Ladder of Model Success. I added Hannah (LOL I sorry totally forgot about her, honestly) and also you can see the pictures in FULL VIEW ^_^


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10 Responses to “Anime and Manga Round-up”

  1. CinderBird says:

    BLOOD ALONE is one of my favorite manga ever. Good thing you spotted it on your manga hunting ^_^ it has really a good story.

  2. amayalee says:

    I agree with you about KimiKiss, they shouldn’t have just thrown the two main characters together like that. I liked Kai way better than Kazuki. They shouldn’t have focused so much on his relationship with Yuumi, just to put him together with Mao. I was disappointed with the anime, cause only one pairing that I like made it! >.<

  3. amayalee says:

    Ha…I meant Kouichi. I liked who Kazuki ended up with. 😛

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    Onani Master Kurosawa is amazing. Show us a pic next time.

  5. Llora-chan says:

    Shigofumi was awesome! I thought the ending could’ve been a little different but it was really awesome. Really cool~
    I started to watch Kimikiss but then I stopped. Because after I found out how it ended and all that stuff, I deemed it unworthy and decided to watch something else.

    I might decide to pick up Blood Alone. Sounds very interesting ^^

  6. omisyth says:

    I’m trying to avoid Shikabane as only a few chapters are released. Bring on the anime in fall though!

  7. Shin says:

    Onani Master Kurosawa is the best series in a long time coming!

  8. kanzeon says:

    @CinderBird: It’s been a while since you got here ^_^

    @amayalee: Totally agree with you 🙂

    @Baka-Raptor: Lol I’m afraid my blog would get suspended again if I posted something like that ^_^

    @Llora-chan: True Tears and Ef are better than Kimikiss. I heard that Itazura na Kiss is not bad either but I’m not watching it much.

    @omisyth: I just hope the anime wouldn’t ruin a good manga ^_^

    @Shin: It’s really weird because I find it very funny! LOL XD Really… Anyway, do boys fantasize like that in reality?

  9. Kitsune says:

    I like red color of the Blood Alone illustration 🙂

  10. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Blood Alone has great illustrations by mangaka Takano Masayuki.

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