Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

There’s a new song by Katy Perry which was stuck on my head lately. It’s just so adorable, crazy and very catchy. The music video was just so random and fun. Lol at the battered (literally, with bats) brides then she goes by riding a bicycle in a wedding dress XD… And she’s very adorable. I also find her voice unique and original. I immediately got addicted to the song after listening to it and watching the video ^_^. My favorite lines from the song are “We used to be just like twins/ so in sync/ the same energy/ now窶冱 a dead battery/ used to laugh ’bout nothing/ now your plain boring” I can relate to it very much from the past and I realized how stupid he was XD… Totally dedicating this song to… umm… one of my ex’es I guess? Lol. Continue down for the lyrics…


Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 12 [FINALE]

The grand finale!!!


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