Foshizzel’s Nominations for 2nd Annual Sai Mecha Tournament

Sit back and enjoy this massive list of giant robots!

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Kuroshitsuji: 2 – …And how it resembles Code Geass in some way…

Lol super late Kuroshitsuji post! I’m really overwhelmed by Sebastian-sama’s fabulousness in this episode. Lots of blood and action too ^_^. Now here goes some pic spam and the grand showdown of this episode alone v.s. Code Geass below the jump!


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Thanks to Code Geass R2’s finale…



The series is gone for like, more than 10 days ago now and my so is my post about that (09/27/08)… I’m surprised that day when I got those freaking number of views and comments. It had been my most viewed ever (and I think its reign will remain for a LONG time) and I got the 12th spot for the daily-counted, most popular blogs on WP… But two days after that, O_O… nosedive time XDDD!!!!! Now my blog is back on receiving its average views again… Back to reality~

Code Geass R2 – 25 [Ending]

Just watched the final turn of Code Geass on raw (after skipping 12 episodes of it XD which I only visit RC in order to catch up with the series…), meaning I only understand like, 10-20% of what they’re saying, anyway, I don’t take this show too seriously so I don’t care that much but I can tell a few on what’s going on. So here goes some USELESS sh*t…

  • Kallen battles it out with Suzaku
  • Nunally fell down on the stairs (yeah, like that’s important)
  • She wears a cute prison uniform (is that a prison uniform?)
  • Lelouch dies from the hands of Zero (Suzaku)
  • Orange-kun ends up with Anya…………. LOLWUT?
  • There’s a cute group portrait at the ending
  • CC became a wanderer… And then she is talking to somebody while lying on a haystack.
  • Plus I don’t think that Lelouch was dead.

Now I’ll dl the subs as soon as it is released to confirm these stuff… (And again… Anya? With Orange-kun??? WRRRYY???)

☆Absolute Anime Openings ~Prologue~☆

[This post was the supposed-to-be-prologue of the entire chart. Forgive me for posting this right in the MIDDLE of the chart XDD]

But before I continue, I wanted to give a reason why I posted an all-day-long-running-live-countdown today on my blog. It is because I received a great achievement on my blog last Monday. I don’t really care about site traffic but wth, I got an achievement of 852 views!!! Yipee!!! *faints*… *goes back to poise again* That was really something to me. I’m glad that many people cares ^_^!!! God Bless ~>.<~ And now, to show my appreciation, I’m giving y’all a live countdown by moi!!!