ToraDora! OP: Pre-Parade


ToraDora! OP: Pre-Parade by Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Kitamura Eri

I’m back from our camping!!! Haha lols… I’m very tired now so I’ll just leave you with this one. I’ll be also putting up Horie Yui’s Vanilla Salt (ToraDora! ED) tomorrow because I’ll be taking a rest now after four straight, tiring days. I’ll also try to create a post about our school trip and our camping because I have a lot to share ^_^.


ToraDora! – 01

We meet Ryuuji, who lives next door to a huge apartment house. He lives with his mother. His mother often recall Ryuuji looks like his father, which Ryuuji doesn’t like to hear. Ryuuji is a guy who’s very much NOT gifted when it comes to looks. His eyes are stingy as a delinquent’s stare, which makes people go away from him, well maybe except for his longtime classmate Kitamura Yuusaku.


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