EVE no Jikan: Act 02 – The right to decide


Rikou thinks that Sammy is now starting to make her own decisions so he and Masaki went investigating her. They stopped by the cafe to see if Sammy’s in there but so far she isn’t.

There, they meet a small child girl, which is playful and even attempts to get Rikou’s glasses. Rikou, being nearsighted, find it hard to see. Akiko also comes into the cafe. With the old man, they share a chat about secrets and its reasons. They defined some secrets were just kept for your own good and it was for the better so it was just kept as a secret.


Masaki then saw a strange man whom he doubts if he’s a robot or not, so he attempt to follow him as he went out of the cafe. Masaki failed as the door had been closed for ‘privacy’, as said by the bartender girl. It was also a rule that when somebody went out, the door would be temporarily locked inside and there would be a certain time limit where it will be open again.


The holographic wink star will cure you from being pissed off!


Still pissed. Not effective.


Masaki leaves after waiting for over two times. Then, a girl enters the cafe, which happens to be Sammy. While Sammy is chatting with the bartender, Rikou happens to know that his glasses were hidden by the bartender so he tries to get it back. When he regains clear eyesight, he recognizes Sammy and tackles off her ponytail.


OMG this is what I call major drama!


God I love the impact!


Sammy then flees, leaving Rikou inside because of the lock-door policy. The bartender girl then explains that Sammy had been recently coming in the cafe and begins to warm up soon and she shares some stories with her. At house, Rikou was talking to Masaki on the phone, planning for a visit again at the cafe. Rikou then talks to Sammy and says some sweet things when he complimented her coffee. Sammy turned back and smiled.


Rikuo complimented Sammy’s coffee…


Sammy smiled… Ok, that just scared the heck out of me.


Now who is this?


Is she a rivalling my plans to conquer the world?! Find out next!

Next: The Lovers of EVE

The next episode would probably tackle the ‘lovers’ inside the cafe.

Kan Chats…

Another great episode. The animation is still keeping it up as well as the music, which was outstanding. I really like the originality of the camera angles and how they shift throught the cafe. The story is starting to get like Chobits, where coincidentally, Tanaka Rie is voicing Chii as well as Sammy. Only, this one is more suspenseful and duh, this is way political and serious.

P.S. – Sorry if there’s some typos in here because I’m typing this at merely late late late night. and I haven’t proof-read it yet… I’ll continue to add some impressions tomorrow…I mean later morning. *Yawns…* Good Night ^_^


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4 Responses to “EVE no Jikan: Act 02 – The right to decide”

  1. fye71 says:

    Great episode. Now I wonder if Rikou will be falling in love with the robot because as seen in the preview, I think Rikou is imagining himself together with Sammy… I can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. kielmaru07 says:

    So this is like the animu ‘Mizo no Kotoba’? I cant believe that not-so-well-known anime would be made like this wonderful anime! OHWOW!

  3. Kitsune says:

    Yes, the issue of robot rights is quite important one. I wonder how they will resolve it.

  4. kanzeon says:

    @fye71: Me too^^ Can’t wait for the next episode. It really shows hints that Rikou is really a Dori-Kei towards Sammy

    @kielmaru07: Yup. The cafe, the direction and the uniqueness… I love that anime btw…

    @Kitsune: I guess there would be a revolution. I don’t know… I think it’s also possible for robots to have their own emotions and free will soon as the story progresses… It’s really interesting.

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