A Soda Advertisement…

I was just browsing youtube for some Persona 4 rush trailers and I stumble upon this video…

Its Rise Kujikawa, the pop idol in Persona 4, (see her info scan here) doing a soda advertisement…
That made me want to drink THAT soda (I just hope its real though…) co’z she can sell a product and bait fanboys at the same time… (See the water flowing down in her body?) Whoa!

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First Look: IkkiTousen Great Guardians, Telepathy Shoujo Ran and Chocolate Underground

I’ve had a first look to the first 3 anime this summer: Ikkitousen Great Guardians, Chocolate Underground and Telepathy Shoujo Ran. I watched Chocolate Underground and Telepathy Shoujo Ran in RAW (and I DONT UNDERSTAND JAPANESE too much… its a challenge… but I could tell what they’re doing and I somewhat know some J-words that they’re saying… Lolz… anyway lets continue with my rants and blabberings!!!)


Aya Hirano – Unnamed World [PV]

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Mistress Fortune Ch01: “Fat on your arms is proof that you have big boobs.”


Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune or Absolute Awakening Angel Mistress Fortune is an another magical-themed manga by Arina Tanemura (Full Moon wo Sagashite, Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross). For me, the manga started in a very CUTE way. The main characters are cute and look! They have wings! [:Continue…:]

SA ~Special A~ 10 – Anchor/Ryuu

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☆Musings and Blabber☆: Shiki x Rima and Soul x Maka

OMAHGAWD! Here are my current fave couplings on anime!!!

PhotobucketUnder my Umbrella-ella-ella…


Skip Beat! Manga gets TV Animation this Fall

skip beatYoshiki Nakamura’s shoujo manga Skip Beat! gets an anime adaptation this coming Fall (article: ANN). For those who didn’t know this manga yet, its about a girl named Kyoko who follows her childhood friend Sho to Tokyo in his dreams on becoming a star. Kyoko became a housekeeper and caretaker of Sho there until she overhears him dismissing her as a nobody. She then pledges that she’ll become a singer to defeat him and kick his popstar ass out of showbiz for good. Kiyoko Sayama, the director of Vampire Knight, will be directing the animators of Hal Film Maker (Pretear and Princess Tutu).

I think this has a unique shoujo storyline. I find it a bit odd in a good way since instead of the girl falling head-over-heels for the guy, she is pissed with the guy and she hates him so bad! I’m definitely looking forward for this one and adding it to my 2008-must-look-out-for list.

Boku Ni Natta Watashi – Chapter 12

I know that there’s some people who compares Boku no Natta Watashi to Hana Kimi but I think that BNNW stands on its own. BNNW is more of a mature-sexy-school-comedy-romance…

Its another chapter of gender-bender comedy and romance!

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New Persona 4 Famitsu Scan!!!

The new Famitsu scan features another character Naoto Shirogane. He is kind of a famous detective and has a persona called Sukunahikona. Naoto wears a cap and he looks a little like the main character from Persona 3. He uses a revolver. His persona appears to be a little creature wearing formal clothes. His VA is Park Romi(Ueki from Law of Ueki and if I’m not mistaken, Temari from Naruto…) Besides from the new playable character, two new(or maybe not) Social Links were introduced representing the Justice arcana. They are your uncle, Ryoutarou Douzima and your cousin, Nanako Douzima.
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PhotobucketHere’s again my personal corner of my rantings, blabberings and musings on the IN stuff…

-The epic feudal manga InuYasha closes takes its final bow on its 588th chapter. Wow that’s a lot. I honestly don’t follow the manga and I’ll admit that this final chapter is like, the first InuYasha manga chapter that I’ve read… but I watched the anime… The story ended quite ok continuing the looooong distance relationship between InuYasha and Kagome, Sango and Miroku stayed forever in love, and mostly everyone gets a happy ending. Its quite typical since its “good victors against evil” and “girl and boy in love” but its very satisfying for me.

– I just bought some DVDs of Shigofumi ~stories of last letter~ and Hayate No Gotoku. I’m totally looking forward to watch them if there’s a homework-less day or in the weekend for a marathon…

– I just read the chapter 5 of ToraDora and I think that the series is so far so good! I always end up wanting more every chapter of it because the story is so cute!

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