The Psychology Behind Persona 4

Carl Jung’s life work…turned into a game about being a pimp and jumping into TVs

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Persona 4 MAD Collection vol. 1


I had posted 5 volumes of Hetalia MADs way back then, and now I’m heading on to one of my favorite PS2 Games ever, Persona 4, to feature in the MAD Spotlight. Now going to reminisce this game full of awesome with video spamming. Lots of fan-made P4 cute videos, hilarious parodies, and other awesome genius MADs made by their respective creators from Nico volume 1 start~ ^^.

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Icon Dump: Anime-NTM C2 and Persona 4




Icon dump~!!! Yeah, today’s been very boring. I failed making an AMV and I don’t know when will I get back doing that >.>… Also, I’m waiting for Phantom and Valkyria subs to come out (since I’m not in the mood to watch raw XD). So yeah, I ended up doing 76 icons to add on my collection instead^^. Lol, making icons had been my way to waste time and have fun at the same time~

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Icon Dump~




I’m back on making icons ^^. So I’m sure that this is probably better than the first two batches I’ve made before combined (yay for improvement ^^) so on we go to the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump!!! XD

To the duuummp~~~ To the dump-dump-dump!

Persona 4 Soundtrack: Download

[EDIT:] Persona 4 soundtrack finally re-uploaded, since I got a mail regarding that the link doesn’t work anymore. Contains “Pursuing My True Self” (OP) and “Reach Out to the Truth” (Battle BGM) and as well as other BGMs and songs. So enjoy! Click below to the links of each disk 🙂

.:DISC 1

.:DISC 2

Hetalia MAD Collection vol. 1


Part 1 of Axis Powers Hetalia parody MAD collection post! Enjoy!

[:Hetalia MAD-ness!!!:]

Persona 4: Rise [PSP Wallpapers]

I tried to create PSP Wallpapers using Rise from Persona 4. She’s my favorite character from that game. She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version. The NA version will be released sometime in December. All wallpapers are sized 480 x 272, only for Playstation Portable units. I tried to create some for computers but the scan was too small and it would look grainy. Anyway, for those who have PSP’s and a fan of Rise from P4, hope you like it ^_^.

Persona 4: Naoto is a reverse trap and Kuma has a human form.

^^This video TOTALLY proves that Naoto is a girl and the blonde guy is actually Kuma’s human form.

The ULTIMATE Persona 4 Sneek Peek!

The game is out now on Japan and the North American version of Persona 4 will be released this December 9. Here’s a big blog post full of hot new tidbits about the evolved Personas, Arcanas, issues and the game itself…

[last update: 07/18/08 – edited trivias and added Shadow Personas]

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Who is your favorite Persona 4 character already?

~You can still vote!!!~

Poll: Which character on Persona 4 makes you MORE and MORE excited for this game???

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