Who is your favorite Persona 4 character already?

~You can still vote!!!~

Poll: Which character on Persona 4 makes you MORE and MORE excited for this game???

OK, here is the list of characters…

The Main Character: A hot geek with a bowl-cut hair is the newest main character that you will control on this game. Like the previous Persona MC, he is cool-looking and silent but it still depends on how will you play the game. His Persona is a cool and modern-looking samurai.

Yousuke Hanamura: Headphones + Awkwardness = WIN for some, but besides from that, he is a comic-relief-ninja boy who has a Persona named Jiraiya (sounds familiar, right?), a fugly funky looking toad Persona.

Chie Satonaka: This martial arts-obsessed chick is athletic, spunky and cheerful. Some say her hair is fugly but some say its alright. Her Persona is a muscular woman wearing Bruce Lee’s combat outfit (the yellow costume)

Yukiko Amagi: Rich, elegant and prim. She is always groomed and wears kimono sometimes. She uses fans on battle and her Persona is a flower goddess who looks more of a cheerleader…


Kanji Tatsumi: A delinquent with lots of piercings and metal jewelry on him. He uses brute force on combat, such as steel shairs plus his Persona is a cool version of Take-Mikazuchi, with skull-designed exterior, but his shadow Persona is himself, on a bed of roses, holding symbols of the male gender in both hands (gay much)…

Rise Kujikawa: The pop star who works as a waitress in the country area is an early favorite for the fanboys. But after all that hot-in-glasses looks, soda commercials and Rie Kugimiya voicing her, she’s just a support character (but at least you can hear Rie Kugimiya every turn in battle…) with a Persona of a radar-headed songstress.

Naoto Shirogane: Raidou Kuzunoha + P3’s Main Character = him…well, imo. Serious-looking and looks some kind of a trap cool dude, he has a small Persona, wearing a formal suit and wielding a sword longer than himself.

Kuma: Of course, who could ever forget that bear… No explanations needed.




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20 Responses to “Who is your favorite Persona 4 character already?”

  1. Shinji says:

    Lol, Rise is the best!

  2. miku_fan41 says:

    Kanji is hot. I wouldn’t mind dating him with my main character lolz…

  3. pafts32 says:

    Is it just me or does Naoto looks like a reverse trap?

  4. blissmo says:

    I don’t know any of them, but I like Rise!

  5. meganeshounen says:

    I’d go for Yukiko, if Rise’s already taken.

    And yes, Naoto does look like a trap.

  6. harlem says:

    Rise is hot, Chie’s cute and Yukiko’s fine…
    For the guys, Kanji lookin’ the most badass.

  7. metatr0n says:

    Lol, I also think that Naoto looks like a trap…

  8. Nelly says:

    i like rise she´s totally cute!!!! i´ll cosplay her soon.^^

  9. Nelly says:

    omg… just stop it, Naoto is just fanservice for the girls, my god what a problem for guys…”trap”, Naoto is a typical design of persona so he looks kind of p3 or raidou. there are a lot of pretty girls there, so why don´t you let it be. Yukiko is a very typical chara either so where´s the problem…?? LOL
    I think Naoto is really sweet, and I love this raidou style, so he rocks. Actually because of guys like him, a lot of girls will buy the game, that´s for sure. daraka yamete, omae..

  10. metatr0n says:

    @Nelly: I kinda prefer Rise over Yukiko too:). I also agree that Naoto’s “raidou kuzunoha” style is cool.

  11. Shin says:

    Did someone say Rie Kugiyama? Votes to Rise.

  12. Soo Yeon says:

    *voted for Naoto* He(?) doesn’t seem like a trap, but I love this character!!!!!

    asdjsfkhaskjffkjas THE MC’S HOT!!!!

  13. emoboy says:

    can i date teddie in human form?

  14. lalala says:

    Stop talking about Naoto like that ! She’s not a “trap” as you guys keep calling her ! She’s the most coolest character ever ! And I like Yosuke :]<3

  15. AZURION says:

    Okay..stop with naoto…and one more naoto is not girl…
    but..me vote for naoto…I like his style…lol

    but the teddy’s human form sound cool too…now i can’t voting…*confuse
    okay..I’ll voting them both…naoto and teddy

  16. AZURION says:

    no..no….I rly confuse now…
    NAOTO IS NOT A guy?!
    WHAT THE……
    He/She is a girl…….huh…that freakin me out

  17. Roxas500 says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh i’m in love she is cool,smart,beautiful and kind……
    and sort of much my tipe if you sk me……….
    but Chie is more fun and like figth…mee too…….
    Rise i do beatiful but she is not that smart but at certain way she is…….
    Yukiko is the one you like and want protect and is more kind and like a good joke in game you see……….

  18. alex77 says:

    isn’t naoto actually a girl?

  19. Tomba says:

    uh.. yeah naoto is a girl so what’s with the “trap” thing? I vote for naoto! rise, yukiko and chie are all stereo type girls for all RPGs.. no offense to teh fans of the 3 girls peace \(^_^)/

  20. Risette says:

    Rise is the best !!!

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