kurenai 10 – Accustomed Fear…

Get your a** up Shinkurou!

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SA ~Special A~ 09: Villa/Letter


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The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross – Chapter 47[Finale]



Lucky☆Star OVA this August


We get to see more moe!!!

Darling! Darling! Pleeease!!!

kurenai 09 – With You And Me…

Shinkurou gets beaten up…again.. Poor Murasaki…

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Clannad OVA – Tomoyo-hen

I just recently watched the 30-second trailer for the upcoming OVA for Clannad. Its said to be released in the final DVD version this July.


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Persona 4 News…

I found a new scan on Persona 4 and it features the “Pop Goddess” character and 2 new social links. “Pop Goddess”(the girl with the pigtails) has now been given a name and it is Rise Kujikawa. She is like a top-idol girl who studies in the same school as the main character. She will be providing support in battles and in dungeons. Her Persona is Himiko. I must admit that the design is haunting yet elegant. The new social links are Yumi for the theathre club and Ayane for the concert club. I still don’t know what their aracanas are yet..


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SA ~Special A~ 08 – Journey/Dog

Its vacation time for the SA!!!

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Vampire Knight 08: Blast of Grief

Another episode of Vampire Knight! And it shows more of Rima and Shiki!!!

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Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 40

I just finished reading Chapter 40 of Vampire Knight and what another blurry chapter it is(I’ve re-read it several times to check on some things…)


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