Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 01


B*tch deserves some 8.0-level spanking.

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35 Things to Love on K-On!: 11


We’re all getting into some sort of emo yuri.

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Vampire Knight Guilty: 01 – Sinners of Fate


OP Sequence – Rondo by ON/OFF

It’s still to early for Christmas for this song to play… Kidding aside, I actually like it better thanツ the first one song-wise only. I quite miss the action-packed OP of season I though and I’ll miss some specific scenes where uber-gothic cool Rima throwing her umbrella; Shiki unleahsing his blood-whip and many other scenes… This time it got replaced by Yuuki wandering into the forest (and spinning on birds’ eye view… WHAT THE HELL.), and basically character intros with a story book. An look at Rima together with that cute Rabbit thing! I kinda like the last past, where the camera is being lost on Yuuki at the moonlight, with her long hair and her Artemis scythe.

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If The Glass Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Cut Off Your Toes!


Remember the Fairy Tale entitled Cinderella? Remember those birds chirping and those mice dancing happily? Had you ever wish to have your very own Fairy God Mother where she can let you borrow pretty gowns to make you stand out in a crowd? And last but not the least, do you remember how those bitchy stepsisters FAIL on trying on the glass shoe because of their big, nasty feet? Lol. Then if you remember all that, you may want to take a look on the darker side of the story.

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Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 40

I just finished reading Chapter 40 of Vampire Knight and what another blurry chapter it is(I’ve re-read it several times to check on some things…)


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Vampire Knight 03: Fangs of Repentance

Lick. Bite. Suck.

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Vampire Knight 02: Memory of Blood

An emo boy, some chocolates and tons of fangirls…

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