Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 01


B*tch deserves some 8.0-level spanking.


The episode starts in what we all want to see and expect in this show of course, a city totally devastated by an earthquake. A mass of people are gathered altogether in a place which seems to be “safe” for them, and we have the lead girl standing, with her mind saying and whining how everything sucks.

(rant start~)


And now we’re on with her, she’s Mirai. And what a trashy b!tch she is (totally different from “classy” ones which I <3). To be really honest, I forgot her name already after watching the episode, and I have to MAL it just to put it up on my mind again.

She’s a whiny, self-centered angst-filled rebel middle school brat who does nothing but to complain, text, complain, text, and complain (and text, you get the point). She’s so… ARGH! What she thinks about thinking that she’s not a kid anymore just makes her look stupid and childish. NOT a good first impression for a main character.


She even complains on the littlest things like a simple cake her mom bought. This bitch goes beyond borders of trashiness. OMG she should be at least learn to be thankful! 😡 . What the hell’s up with the shape of the cake, do round cakes have less calories? If so, that could be a little alright for a reason to rant about, but this girl is just an ungrateful, bitter bitch. Bitch, it’s not even your fucking birthday.


Not only she is an ungrateful daughter, but she’s also a horrible sister. What the hell is her problem when her VERY young brother just draws something for their mom? OF COURSE he’s like 6-7 and a normal one at that so he draws like a normal kid. What is she expecting, Mona Lisa?


Well I guess this show is trying it’s best to be really realistic. And Mirai undeniably reflects the “us” today, the youth. I can’t say for now that she’s a very likable character (Hell, I honestly find her annoying and I wanna slap her on the face actually, or get hit by a flying truck from an earthquake attack to be better~), but indeed I know many of us are like this. I can relate on a part on her about the texting too. Because all half of what I do on my life currently drops on that lol XD.

Going back to the character, she’s sooo grumpy and negative, and probably someone no one will ever get along with in real life. Negativity just reflects on your own self, that’s why she sees the world utterly sucks is because she has a sucky attitude. Even though she has a disfunctional family and sucky grades, she must do something anyway because most people I know in real life having sad family stories and such, are honestly the ones that’s more focused on their goals. This girl just has… nowhere to go, except for an earthquake-struck building of course (which will happen later xD).

But hey, it’s still the first episode, and there is such a thing called “character development”, or whatever elitists call it. So yeah, hope that comes in a form of a massive earthquake hitting her. Oh wait~. UGH. No hope for salvation so far.


But she toured her brother in a robot convention on Odaiba though, and that probably slightly ended my heavy steam on her for the meantime because I got entertained on the cute kitty robot~. But still, it’s funny how her little brother is just more sensible than her. Aww~ you poor little angel for living with such a horrible sister T_T.


Rant end about that trashy bitch now and moving on with other stuff~. Meet the Biker Chick™, whom we’ll be probably seeing as a significant character, since on how she is on the ED with the siblings. She seems like a cool character! I hope she’ll turn out to be strict and bitchier than Mirai because Mirai just needs to learn something from an actual adult, instead of thinking herself as an adult, which totally makes her more childish ironically.

But yeah, going back to Biker Chick™, she seems to be the caring type. I hope she’ll help Mirai on fixing her attitude problems and make her realize how life is not revolving only for her, because she really needs to.


Mirai just continues to whine, rant and bitch about her sorry self and be emo and complain on how this world sucks waah waaah waah. And texts how she wants the world to just break apart…

And boom~. Bitch got her wish.


An earthquake suddenly attacked Odaiba and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE. I better need to see a huge rock (or a building!) falling over Mirai’s head.



OP: “Kimi no Uta” by Abingdon Boys School

Woot~ ABS <3!!! As expected from one of my favorite J-bands, this OP is an another awesome one. The song’s totally stuck on my head right now and I can’t wait for the whole single to come. Nothing much to say about the animation because it’s mostly still on an earthquake aftermath. The illustrations were amazing btw~.


ED: “M/elody” by Tsuji Shion

Another really nice ED. It’s really cool, laidback, and kinda gives off a more “hopeful” vibe after this being a complete tragedy show. Love the song and the “/” on the title is lol cool *__*. The animation are also images, with some picture-changing style happening with the main trio (the brat, the shouta, and the Biker Girl)


Not a really “OMGSOEPICGREAT!” first episode, after all that high expectations.

What made it so is NOT the slow pacing to be really honest, because we all know that disaster shows always start off all the pretty-pretty peacefulness until it attacks, so it made sense. But what made me like it less is the main lead! I would actually would have love it more if the lead has a different attitude, but instead, we have the spoiled whiny brat. Funny thing as well, is that she’s the one to be blamed after all after all those negative thinking. I got a “Karma!” and a “Bitch deserved it~” reaction on the final moments of the episode to be really honest, because this bitch just begs for something tragedic to make her shut up. But yeah, I think her character will definitely grow up on the future episodes (actually, this episode might be the final moments of her being a brat since she’ll be possibly all “OMGMYBROTHER!!” and “OMGWORRYPANICOMG!!!!!111” next episode, if not, I don’t know what will I do to her). SO yeah, I might give her a chance.

The animation is, as expected, top notch. And I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen anything yet because the last few seconds are just probably a teaspoon appetizer of what’s coming next in this earthquake-filled show. The character designs still irks me a bit, but it’s nothing really major though.

But yeah, since it’s BONES + noitaminA + lots of budget + promising “what if” premise, I can’t help but be all positive on everything and I think the series won’t disappoint, just give some chance for some characters to develop and some bloody deaths to occur (totally DO WANT that), and we *might* have the show for the season. I hope episode 2 will be better ^^.

Visit the screenshot gallery next page for more pictures.

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11 Responses to “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: 01”

  1. issa-sa says:

    Rooting for the biker chick to steal the limelight, take the lead for the show – and turn it into a modern day Seirei no Moribito :P! (It’ll prbably still end up being about the spoilt bitch but I can always hope :P)
    .-= issa-sa´s last blog ..LIVE DIAMOND = Dead Panda =-.

  2. Koori says:

    My most anticipated show this season is finally here! It looks very awesome judging by the screencaps. Must check it out now. :runs:

  3. P-kun says:

    As someone whose older sister is the very exact replica of Mirai (minus that texting habit), I have to fervently dispute that Mirai is not a good sister.

    My sister was like that, constantly blaming others that her life sucks. She didn’t grow up until past 25 years old honestly. That’s why I understand Mirai a lot. Her character is very good, not likable perhaps, but very good because she is realistic IMHO.

    But I have to dispute your judgement that Mirai is a bad sister. She might be grumbling non-stop, but when it counts, she’s there. While she’s grumbling, she helped her brother planting tree; while grumbling, she skipped going out with her friends to babysit her brother; while grumbling, she went to Odaiba with him; when the earthquake stroke, she cried for him, etc. Once you get past her fickle mood and sour mouth, she’s a really responsible sister (like my sister).

    I think my sister is a good sister, and I know Yuuki will agree with me. A lousy human being perhaps, but a good sister. I guess when you live with sb like Mirai, you tend to ignore her words and start valuing her based on her action. I don’t expect other people to agree with me, but I feel very compelled to defend Mirai/my sister. 🙂

    • kanzeon says:

      YES. That’s why I told that she’ll definitely have a character development soon that will soon make her improve ^^. That’s anime, lol.

      And my sister ran away with a man and left only me and my mom in our life so it kinda affected my post and my approach on Mirai’s sisterly.. err.. being. Sorry if ever I offended your sister and Mirai. :huhu: But I really LOVE Mirai’s character being very realistic.

      Nah, just kidding~ LOL. Mirai sucks.
      .-= kanzeon´s last blog ..Karneval – Ch. 09 =-.

      • p-kun says:

        Sorry if I sound naggy, but honestly, that was not my intention. I was just trying to provide second opinion. Please don’t take it to the heart. 🙂

  4. Gargron says:

    I really have expected more than this from Bones. They have built up a strong antipathy to the protagonist (I find her bitchy too), while focusing too much on family drama. Well, I’m wrong of course. It’s okay if it’s an anime about family drama. (But I wanted something epic like Soul Eater I suppose). The second episode will show, either some mega action with city falling apart or another dose of whining.

    I better need to see a huge rock (or a building!) falling over Mirai’s head.

    I totally support.

  5. c160 says:

    Eeek,P-Kun above stole what I wanna say :XD: But seriously,that’s how big sisters are.She’s a bitchy big sister,but overall still a good sister(at least she’s there with her kid brother).I love how even after all her previous complaining,the first thing she think of when disaster strikes was her brother.I think her bitchiness is just from the hormones ^^;

    btw,I don’t think she’s texting anyone that gloomy messages of hers,I think she’s putting it up on her blog or internet diary or something.

  6. faer1edust says:

    Just watched this one and it’s really great! I’m looking forward to more~.

    Seriously, Mirai annoys the hell out of me. I really feel sorry for her mom the most too. She’s really whiny, grumpy and ungrateful. But yeah I agree with you, here’s me hoping that she’ll have a character development to fix that attitude ^^.

    Biker chick looks cool ^^.

  7. meteorhouse62 says:

    Mirai is a very annoying student/sister/daughter/human waste of a being. But I agree with you, I hope she’ll develop as the series goes by and realize that her attitude is wrong. But then, the worse had already happened because an earthquake already struck :/. I hope she finds her brother soon. This series is just exciting.

  8. Carlos says:

    You are all focusing too much on her. Her mom wasn’t that good, leaving a middle schooler to go somewhere far alone with her little brother. That’s just wrong.

    AND her father, He reminds me of my dad. Always blaming his wife because theres no food and such. Then uses the kids as an escapegoat, lol.

    • kanzeon says:

      I just HAVE to focus on her because
      1) She’s the main character.
      2) Almost the entire episode focused on her whining and grumping.
      3) This post will be empty and I have nothing else more to say lol.

      Well, her family is totally realistic and it factors her personality now. But yeah, it’s just the first episode and I know she’ll get better! This is just the first episode and I just said what I feel about her this episode xD.

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