Vampire Knight Guilty: 01 – Sinners of Fate


OP Sequence – Rondo by ON/OFF

It’s still to early for Christmas for this song to play… Kidding aside, I actually like it better thanツ the first one song-wise only. I quite miss the action-packed OP of season I though and I’ll miss some specific scenes where uber-gothic cool Rima throwing her umbrella; Shiki unleahsing his blood-whip and many other scenes… This time it got replaced by Yuuki wandering into the forest (and spinning on birds’ eye view… WHAT THE HELL.), and basically character intros with a story book. An look at Rima together with that cute Rabbit thing! I kinda like the last past, where the camera is being lost on Yuuki at the moonlight, with her long hair and her Artemis scythe.

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Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 43


I think this would be the end of the Rido arc…

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