Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 43


I think this would be the end of the Rido arc…


Kaname looks creepy as usual in here…

The chapter starts as Kaname enters the Vampire Council and kills them all, except for Ichijou’s father.


Yuuki tries to work in tangent with Zero, but she can’t because of Zero’s emo arrogance that he wanted to kill Rido by himself. Yuuki also get in trouble but she is only saved by Zero’s timely interruptions with his vines flowing from his body. Zero didn’t want any interruptions with his fight with Rido so he throws Yuuki off the roof for he knows she will interrupt.

Woah. Talk about attitude. I just can’t believe Zero did that to Yuuki. Or is it just that he just don’t want Yuuki to get hurt by Rido? I’m starting to dislike Zero now for being a whiny emo blob…


Zero pushing Yuuki = -100 ZeKi pints…


Oh did I just said that I’m starting to hate Zero? I take it back ^_^ God he’s so hot!


Poor Aido…

Fortunately, Yuuki landed on the back of Aido safely. Then as the Day Class people start to panic, she aska hi if he could at least help them find comfort from their panic.


Yaaayyy!!! Rima regains her consciousness! And ooh! She’ll drink Shiki’s blood later! I love this coupling very much!


Yuuki gives an end to Rido.

As the battle continue, Rido appears in front of Yuuki in his Bloody Curtain form. He forms behind her and begins to mistake her for her mother, Juri. He confesses his true desires for her and his frustations for his love. Yuki then cut out his confession by piercing his chest with her Artemis Scythe. Zero then comes and continually finishes him by his flowing vines, cracking up Rido’s form into shattered pieces, with the exception of a hand which remains its light grip on a lock of her hair while caressing Yuki’s face.


Kaname then gets close to find Ichijou’s father and attempts to kill him but Takuma interferes…


I think that Takuma will end his life, along with his grandfather’s T.T


Next Round: Zero v.s. Yuuki! Can’t wait!

Having thought that it as all over, Yuki was wrong. Zero points his gun at her, revealing his true intention to kill all pureblood vampires, including Yuki. She is slightly shocked when Zero reveals his intent to kill her, but stands firm with the Artemis Scythe ready at her side. End of chapter! I hope Vampire Knight would continue up to at least 2 more volumes and keep up its action!


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10 Responses to “Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 43”

  1. 7 says:

    Wow. Finally Chapter 43 came out! I’ve been waiting for this since ages! Then again, the longer the wait, the better the reward!

  2. kanzeon says:

    @7: Yep! But still every chapter leaves you wanting for more ^^

  3. hazy says:

    I’m slooooowly reading VK because chapters come out only once a month (I’m on ch.35 but still spoiled beyond that) and because I failed at slowly reading xxxHolic so I need something to read in its place while I wait for new chapters. xDDD

    It seems to be getting interesting. I have an odd weakness for tsundere and emo dudes, hence I cheer for Zero. =D

  4. kanzeon says:

    @hazy: Tsundere dudes… Me likes ^_^!!! Though I’m not sure about emo guys…

  5. kiruxsuki says:

    Zero and Yuki should kill each other! Yep! That’s the only solution to make the series more interesting ^_^

  6. kanzeon says:

    @kiruxsuki: Lol Kaname should die too… then Rima and Shiki will now be the main stars of Vampire Knight XDD!!!

  7. jennifer says:

    es un programa muy interesante y com mucho de que hablar

  8. jennifer says:

    es lomejor que e visto graciasssssssssss

  9. emoboy says:

    Hey, i’ve got photos of my new emo haircut

  10. Me gustó leer esta nota y las opiniones de todos. Muchísimas gracias por la opinión

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