Vampire Knight 02: Memory of Blood

An emo boy, some chocolates and tons of fangirls…

The second episode continued to impress me and the story moves fast.. since the manga already has 40 chapters and the anime only consists of 26 episodes.. The second episode is about Valentine’s day where the day class students will give the bishies of Night Class chocolates..

When it’s time for the Night Class to come out of their dorms and attend their classes, the two prefects allow them to give their chocolate and affections as they pass by while they supervise. Yuuki almost doesn’t give her store-bought chocolate to Kaname (her attempt at making some didn’t turn out well) when she sees his arms are full from chocolates that were given to him from other admirers until she gets knocked down by some impatient Day Class girls and her wrapped gift gets thrown up into the sky, where Zero catches it and throws it to Kaname, to Yuki’s discontent. Later on, when Kaname and his bodyguard, Seiren are alone, he gives the other gifts to her and keeps only Yuuki’s chocolate, saying that it is the only one he needed.

As night comes, the Night Class attempts to fight Zero but ended up Yuuki stopping them. Back at the dorm, Yuuki gives Zero her only chocolate piece that she successfully made later. She feeds him the chocolate, and he chews it resentfully. He tells her to leave him alone, and walks out on her. Zero is found with blood tablets at the end of the episode…

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