Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 40

I just finished reading Chapter 40 of Vampire Knight and what another blurry chapter it is(I’ve re-read it several times to check on some things…)


The chapter revealed that Zero took part of Ichiru’s powers as a vampire hunter when they are still in their mother’s womb and that is also why Zero later grew up to be a better vampire hunter than Ichiru. In this chapter, during the flashback of Zero and Ichiru when they were still kids, it showed us that Ichiru later knew that Zero had bitten him when they were in their mother’s womb. (i’m guessing that zero did it accidentally and not purposely) and after the flashback, Ichiru reveals that he was badly injured from Rido because years ago, when Shizuka’s lover, who was an ex-human vampire, was killed by Zero’s parents, it was Rido who made that arrangement. Since Ichiru is, of course, not as powerful as Rido, he got injured. Since Ichiru also knew that zero bit him and took his power when they were in their mother’s womb, he asks zero to eat him so zero can have all the power, both his own and ichiru’s and become a true vampire hunter because Ichiru is about to die from the injuries he got from Rido anyways. And in the last few pages, we see Kaname asking Yuuki to leave with him and Zero biting his hand and breathing harshly. I think he did eat Ichiru, because there were blood on his lips and hands and everywhere and he walks out of the cell..


Its quite a sad chapter because I think that Zero “ate” his brother..but I think Zero now has more reason to kill Rido than before. Zero now also already has 3 purebloods in his blood: Yuki, Kaname and Shizuka. On the other note, I found the “twincest scene” quite ecchi as usual and I’m already hearing screaming fangirls Joking aside, its quite cool seeing Zero getting the remaining power from Ichiru and he has gotten stronger than before. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

Unforgettable line:

“Eat me and let me become a part of you…” – Ichiru

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One Response to “Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 40”

  1. algelic says:

    Hmmm I hadn’t realized that Zero had bitten Ichiru in the womb. I thought that when the one egg divided itself to originate the two twins, there was an uneven division and Zero ended up getting all the vampire hunter strength. And now he blamed himself for it.

    Really weird seeing Ichiru begging Zero to drink his blood. I hope Zero hurries up and kills Rido.

    Ever since Kaname bit Yuki and brought back her memories, I thought the manga may have reached its final arc. But since then the progress of the story has been kinda slow. If this really is the final arc, then it’ll drag for another 10 chapters at least.

    Plus, is it just me or will the Chairman play an important role later on? We don’t know much about him, if you think about it. If I remember correctly, he told Zero that he had also lost important people to him because of vampires. I’m betting that later on they’ll reveal the Chairman’s actual identity and it’ll be surprising.

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