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PhotobucketHere’s again my personal corner of my rantings, blabberings and musings on the IN stuff…

-The epic feudal manga InuYasha closes takes its final bow on its 588th chapter. Wow that’s a lot. I honestly don’t follow the manga and I’ll admit that this final chapter is like, the first InuYasha manga chapter that I’ve read… but I watched the anime… The story ended quite ok continuing the looooong distance relationship between InuYasha and Kagome, Sango and Miroku stayed forever in love, and mostly everyone gets a happy ending. Its quite typical since its “good victors against evil” and “girl and boy in love” but its very satisfying for me.

– I just bought some DVDs of Shigofumi ~stories of last letter~ and Hayate No Gotoku. I’m totally looking forward to watch them if there’s a homework-less day or in the weekend for a marathon…

– I just read the chapter 5 of ToraDora and I think that the series is so far so good! I always end up wanting more every chapter of it because the story is so cute!

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Vampire Knight 11: Party All Night Long!

Wow, thanks to Shoku-dan’s fast subbing, I was able to blog this one early:)

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☆Musings and Blabber☆

Happy Fathers Day too! First of all, I wanna greet my dad and all the daddies in the world a Happy Happy Fathers’ Day! I also wanna greet anime dads like Death Scythe(Soul Eater, the pic on the left) too!

– Next, I really wonder why the 10th episode of Special A is not yet out on subs… Maybe they got tired and dropped it.. I hope not or at least sub the 10th episode then drop it :P… Just wanna see the dark side of Ryuu..

– And speaking of subs, I can’t wait for Kure-nai episode 11!!! I’m so gonna watch it the second I got the torrent in my hands! To-Love-Ru 11 is another one, where my fave character Yami gets some screentime!

– Lastly, thanks again for those who are reading, viewing, commenting and supporting(?) my blog!!!

Thelma Aoyama – My Dear Friend

This is the ED theme of Shion no Ou. Honestly, I don’t really watch the show but I really love this song. Her voice is very smooth and nice to listen to. This song tops the anime singles chart for the first half of 2008 (complete list on Japanese blog: MUSIC ROOM)

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Manga Hunting: Kaichou wa Maid-sama

PhotobucketYeah, maid-fetish is REALLY popular these days…

This is the first manga of Fujiwara Hiro and I must say that this is such a great start for her. The main heroine is very cute but I must say that she is very awesome. She kicks some a**. The main guy is cool and compliments the girl’s personality. The art is very very clean. I must say that this is an insanely crazy and funny manga and somewhat reminded me of Ouran. The maid cafe has its own motifs every time. Besides from Ouran, it also reminded me of SA, since there’s school competition between the two leads.

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Fatal Frame 4 – Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Here are some news and screenshots of Fatal Frame 4: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse!

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Vampire Knight 10: Twinces…err, Princess of Darkness

Zero dreams when he is telling Ichiru to run away from Shizuka’s attack. In the morning, he and Yuki are on duty for the Night Class, but the evening is quiet due to upcoming exams. They saw Maria but Zero pulled Yuki away from her. Later that night, Zero was obliged to tutor Yuki on the exams. There is a cute Zeki moment here when Zero hugged Yuki, telling her the reason that he is alove because of her… Then, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Maria and Kaname converse. He knows she’s not Maria and accuses her of toying with everyone. Kaname gets nerve and tosses a queen piece of chess. Yuki realizes that Maria is why Zero’s acting funny and runs after him. Zero meets up with Maria but failed to kill her. She says he can’t kill his master, who made him a vampire. Maria and Zero fight. Alarmed, Yuki calls his name, but Kaname puts her asleep and erases her memories.. Zero faints from his injury, and Maria tells her masked servant to carry him away. The next day, Yuki spaces out during exams as she looks at Zero’s empty seat. Afterwards, she meets Kaname, and they talk about the ball and dancing.

Yagari is with Headmaster Cross, thinking how odd Kaname’s kindness to Yuki is. Cross says to Yagari that Kaname personally told him to admit Maria and that vampires handle their own affairs. Yagari asks if Zero is a vampire but Cross plays stupid. Meeting at twilight, Maria unlocks Yuki’s memories of last night and offers a deal. She’ll tell how to save Zero from becoming a level E if Yuki will do something for her.

Meanwhile, Zero dreams of Shizuka and Ichiru. Ichiru thinks that Shizuka is beautiful but Zero said to keep away from her because she’s a vampire. Ichiru says that Zero amazing and makes up for Ichiru’s mediocrity. That night, Ichiru slept on Zero’s bed and asks some questions on Vampire Hunting.. Then, Shizuka attacks the Kiryuus, revenge for killing “that person.” Zero sees Ichiru standing next to Shizuka, smiling. He then wakes up and sees the masked servant. He unveils his mask and Zero coldly greeted his twin brother, Ichiru.


I find it weird to watch Miyano Mamoru talking to Miyano Mamoru. The good thing is he changed his voice for Ichiru. Speaking of weird, I really find the “twincest” thing between Zero and Ichiru quite hot but still, weird (its like hugging, nuzzling and sleeping with yourself…) but I still can’t understand the reason in the end on why is Ichiru is smiling when Shizuka killed the Kiryuu’s. That will be explained later in the series. On a smaller note, I find Shizuka FUGLY. Did I mentioned that Zero x Ichiru twincest is hot?

Manga Hunting: Nemunoki no Geshukusou

Math and Trigonometry is totally driving me insane, I need a break so I pick up my HOLY otaku-bow and go for some hunting(no, not for the teachers…) on manga baby!!! This time, I stumbled upon a cute little manga just recently released this year…


This is a oneshot by Yumeka Sumomo. Its about a man-hater named Chidori who gets a boy-robot named Sawara to live in her apartment. But actually, the robot is actually a real wealthy guy who’s actually crushing on her! Chidori suddenly tries to change her perception to men, but what if she find out the truth that he’s a REAL guy.. in the middle of falling in love??

Even though its still a oneshot, I still had so much fun reading this one. I really like the story, which is kind of unique. I do feel bad that its only a oneshot(why do mostly all oneshots are good?!?!?)…


“The greatest gift is delivered by a small lie…”

Vampire Knight 09: Crimson Eyes(re-edited with more screencaps!)

I re-edited this post and added MORE screenshots!!! Yipee!!! BTW, the first 3 shots were from the new scene in the OP sequence…

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Code Geass R2 – Turn 09

Wooooooohooooo!!! I just downloaded a new media player which is wayyyy better when it comes to snapshotting(thank God)… And my first to sample is… Code Geass R2 episode 9!!!!!

[its subtitled BTW so sorry if it gets in the way… but please appreciate my effort :)… Click the images to view full size]

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