☆Musings and Blabber☆

Happy Fathers Day too! First of all, I wanna greet my dad and all the daddies in the world a Happy Happy Fathers’ Day! I also wanna greet anime dads like Death Scythe(Soul Eater, the pic on the left) too!

– Next, I really wonder why the 10th episode of Special A is not yet out on subs… Maybe they got tired and dropped it.. I hope not or at least sub the 10th episode then drop it :P… Just wanna see the dark side of Ryuu..

– And speaking of subs, I can’t wait for Kure-nai episode 11!!! I’m so gonna watch it the second I got the torrent in my hands! To-Love-Ru 11 is another one, where my fave character Yami gets some screentime!

– Lastly, thanks again for those who are reading, viewing, commenting and supporting(?) my blog!!!



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