Fatal Frame 4 – Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Here are some news and screenshots of Fatal Frame 4: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse!


The following information is taken from Camera’s Lens


With the camera that seals off grudged spirits, “shaeiki” in hand, this is a horror action game where you will be investigating a Japanese house and deserted hospital, solving puzzles, and sealing spirits. The player will become the main character who heads for an island in search of a lost memory, drawing nearer to the truth of an incident as it becomes clearer gradually.

Five girls starting with Ruka Minazuki were rescued by one detective after being kidnapped by someone when they were little. Years later since then, two of the five who were involved in the incident died. And, the other two, Misaki and Madoka heads for Rougetsu Island where the incident took place. What happened back then? In order to make certain what had happened before she lost her memory, Ruka heads for Rougetsu Island once again.

You will investigate a world of horror, of moon, mask, a house and hospital within Rougetsu Island, a mysterious ritual, numerous incidents, etc. At times you will encounter unexpected scenes that will make you gasp. The story will progress from multiple view-points of three main characters. The player will control different characters for each stage. Within a dark building, you will choose to illuminate what you want to see with your flashlight using the Wii Remote Control and will move using the Nunchuk Control Stick.

Fatal Frame 4 or Zero: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse will be released on July 31, 2008 on Wii console.


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5 Responses to “Fatal Frame 4 – Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Solviter says:


  2. Solviter says:

    Am I experiencing de ja vu? The third picture looks like the same scence in Fatal frame 3…

  3. […] scenes in the trailer were well-done. I only got a little info about the game and I posted it ages ago in this blog. Here’s the […]

  4. Hino says:

    this Fatal Frame 4 story was more complicated than the other three

    I was Hardly to know the story
    i gasped when i saw the seventh picture
    where the head come out??
    it has been squeezed?? O_O”

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Hino: Yes it’s scary and complicated as well.

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