Vampire Knight 09: Crimson Eyes(re-edited with more screencaps!)

I re-edited this post and added MORE screenshots!!! Yipee!!! BTW, the first 3 shots were from the new scene in the OP sequence…



Zero dreams of a woman who is cradling him at the beginning. Startled, he wakes up. The upcoming ball, which both Night and Day classes will attend, has everyone excited. When night class comes out, all the eye-less(due to bad animation) girls are so energetic that Yuuki gets dragged along with them as they head towards the Night Class. Aidou sees Yuuki and pulls her into the building, while listening to the jealous outcries of the girls left outside. Zero then angrily comes to get Yuuki, scolding her for getting abducted.

The Night Class vampies chat about the ball, while elsewhere, the chairman asks Yuki to guide a Night Class transfer student named Kurenai Maria who was admitted late. Maria tells Yuki that she looks delicious. Later, when Maria attends class, the students react with hostility towards her boldness. Aidou also seems shocked by her resemblance to the pure blood Hiou Shizuka or that woman. Suspicious, he starts spying on her. Leaving the classroom, Maria meets Yuki conversing with Zero. Seeing Maria, Zero suddenly points his gun at her, remembering “that woman”. Unsure, though, he doesn’t shoot. Later, Aidou talks to Akatsuki about Maria and that woman, Hiou Shizuka. The next morning, the Day Class President warns Yuki to do well on exams or else their class will have to do dance setup. Afterwards, Zero and Yuki see Takuma chasing Maria around the school campus. Yuuki starts to run after, but Zero warns her to stay away from Maria. Then, Aidou comes up and suddenly hugs Yuuki. Zero takes Aidou aside to talk about Maria as Yuki flees a hoard of jealous girls, leaving Zero and Aidou behind. Yuuki escapes by jumping onto the terrace, where she meets Takuma. Takuma explains why he’s tagging after Maria and describes the night class’s loyalty to Kaname. Meanwhile, Zero asks Aidou if Maria has any connection to Shizuka. Idou replies that Zero should know best since he has a blood bond with Shizuka. At night, Kaname toys with his chess board, telling Takuma to handle Maria since Kaname’s own actions are restricted. Kaname confides that all the “pieces” Maria wants are at Cross Academy because he’s collected them here himself. Meanwhile, Maria is with her manservant, which looks like Zero. Maria talks to herself, saying how happy she is and teasingly pretends to bite her companion.


Wow, really nice episode… I really love Maria Kurenai… Every scene with her is entertaining even though she’s quite biatchy sometimes… I find some scenes quite funny here… I realized that this show could be more funnier than SA…


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2 Responses to “Vampire Knight 09: Crimson Eyes(re-edited with more screencaps!)”

  1. Ntrance says:

    (2nd to the last shot): Did Maria Kurenai kiss Ichiru?!

  2. paftz32 says:

    no dummy, she just pretended that she will bite him…

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