New Persona 4 Scan!

The new scan features two news characters and a returning character from Persona 3! The two new characters, presumed to be as an addition to your Social Links, is a maid and a…fox? The returning character is Chihiro (remember the Justice arcana girl from the Student Council in P3?), who seems to be introducing you to the Gekkoukan academy… Besides from that, there’s also shots with a ramen shop and you talking with friends in the school(?) rooftop (powered by solar panels lolXD). There’s also a pic with the blonde dude (the pic were Kanji’s talking with a lol’able face) in a night club, I’ve seen him already in some previous shots… Now I wonder what he’ll be his role here…

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New Persona 4 Famitsu Scan!!!

The new Famitsu scan features another character Naoto Shirogane. He is kind of a famous detective and has a persona called Sukunahikona. Naoto wears a cap and he looks a little like the main character from Persona 3. He uses a revolver. His persona appears to be a little creature wearing formal clothes. His VA is Park Romi(Ueki from Law of Ueki and if I’m not mistaken, Temari from Naruto…) Besides from the new playable character, two new(or maybe not) Social Links were introduced representing the Justice arcana. They are your uncle, Ryoutarou Douzima and your cousin, Nanako Douzima.
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Persona 4 News…

I found a new scan on Persona 4 and it features the “Pop Goddess” character and 2 new social links. “Pop Goddess”(the girl with the pigtails) has now been given a name and it is Rise Kujikawa. She is like a top-idol girl who studies in the same school as the main character. She will be providing support in battles and in dungeons. Her Persona is Himiko. I must admit that the design is haunting yet elegant. The new social links are Yumi for the theathre club and Ayane for the concert club. I still don’t know what their aracanas are yet..


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