Skip Beat! Manga gets TV Animation this Fall

skip beatYoshiki Nakamura’s shoujo manga Skip Beat! gets an anime adaptation this coming Fall (article: ANN). For those who didn’t know this manga yet, its about a girl named Kyoko who follows her childhood friend Sho to Tokyo in his dreams on becoming a star. Kyoko became a housekeeper and caretaker of Sho there until she overhears him dismissing her as a nobody. She then pledges that she’ll become a singer to defeat him and kick his popstar ass out of showbiz for good. Kiyoko Sayama, the director of Vampire Knight, will be directing the animators of Hal Film Maker (Pretear and Princess Tutu).

I think this has a unique shoujo storyline. I find it a bit odd in a good way since instead of the girl falling head-over-heels for the guy, she is pissed with the guy and she hates him so bad! I’m definitely looking forward for this one and adding it to my 2008-must-look-out-for list.