First Look: IkkiTousen Great Guardians, Telepathy Shoujo Ran and Chocolate Underground

I’ve had a first look to the first 3 anime this summer: Ikkitousen Great Guardians, Chocolate Underground and Telepathy Shoujo Ran. I watched Chocolate Underground and Telepathy Shoujo Ran in RAW (and I DONT UNDERSTAND JAPANESE too much… its a challenge… but I could tell what they’re doing and I somewhat know some J-words that they’re saying… Lolz… anyway lets continue with my rants and blabberings!!!)

– First, IkkiTousen Great Guardians… Well, for those who like this show, you may ignore my rantings ok? Don’t hate on me for its just my own personal opinion! So lets proceed. Ikkitousen really annoys the hell out of me for its just a fanservice show added with story where it should be vice-versa. The Chinese-mythology thing here could’ve been interesting though. Don’t you know how much I’m annoyed to death by dumb Hakufu, the blue-haired girl and some other god damned sl*ts? The yuri-thing going here is not even romantic, it just looks like a fanboy-bait. I even can’t believe that there are 6 fansubbers subbing this show!

– Next is Telepathy Shoujo Ran. It has a weird OP theme which I found not bad. Its art and animation is kinda nice and soft but not that astonishing. The background is contrasting the characters. The VAs did a great job especially Kana Ueda. The supernatural thing is kinda nice. Now that I’ve seen the first episode of this series, my primary impression for this still doesn’t change, it can be quite boring and slow…Sorry!

– Ok, last is Chocolate Underground. First I found this one very unique and original yet the story is quite stupid(in a nice way). I’ve never really heard of banning chocolates and sweets at night! WTF is that?! Lol also on the “Lets get healthy”-or something like that campaign! They even made people to eat disgusting-looking biscuits (I can tell by their faces that they’re disgusting…). The concept is one of the most promising amongst all of the other anime this Summer. Overall, this show can be good or bad to some others but for me, I’m definitely following this show since its barely only a few minutes…


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3 Responses to “First Look: IkkiTousen Great Guardians, Telepathy Shoujo Ran and Chocolate Underground”

  1. BlueZodiac says:

    Hehe! I was planning to watch Ikkitousen for its yuri. But I have somehow tried looking for yuri scenes which aren’t romantic at all so I was kinda like super disappointed.
    What I like in yuri is the romance and not some fanservice things.
    I am a girl so not much interested in such big boobs and asses.
    Story is much better…
    I am even planning to drop this show but I am even confused to drop it or not…
    How about you tell me? Ahehe!
    Also about Telepathy Shoujo Ran… I am now planning to watch this series. I hope there are even slight scenes of shoujo-ai here…
    I don’t care if it’s subtext…
    Also the main reason I am going to watch this it’s because Ran’s hair looks like Natsuki Kuga (which is my favorite character in Mai-HiME)
    Hehe! Silly reason isn’t it.
    But I agree to your comment in Ikkitousen…
    There should have been more story… than just silly things… like fanservice and to almost look-a-like rape yuri… T_T

  2. BlueZodiac says:

    I mean,
    “Also the main reason I am going to watch this it’s because Midori’s hair looks like Natsuki Kuga (which is my favorite character in Mai-HiME)”
    Hehe! Sorry for the mistake there!

  3. kanzeon says:

    @BlueZodiac: Telepathy Shoujo is actually a nice series. It actually doesn’t have any yuri there btw XD…

    Also, Strawberry Panic is my fave yuri, which is an anime years ago. It’s not too explicit and it’s really romantic so it was recommendable if you’re planning to watch a yuri series. Also try Blue Drop.

    And for Ikkitousen… umm… As what I’ve seen from other anime blogs… It is kinda like [email protected] now and I don’t kinda like it…

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