CLANNAD ~After Story~ trailer

I didn’t like the anime Clannad this past year because it didn’t grew on me unlike Kanon and AIR did. Now on its more dramatic part, which is the After Story, I think this would be more tear-jerking than the previous Clannad and I think it would be worth watching if I’m in the mood for some drama.

Kana Nishino – Style [PV]


I’m sorry for not giving you all episodic posts (have you noticed that I’ve been only posting about music?) because I just had my exams and I’m busy watching the Olympics LOL. I almost dragged someone to this blog (yes, a new blogger) to post on some episodes like Xam’d… because I haven’t really covering it lately but he’s busy too so I’m terribly sorry. My retreat will be tomorrow and I need to sleep now so I’ll be leaving y’all with this post and I’ll be back after 2-3 days…

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LION – May’n and Megumi Nakajima [Sheryl and Ranka]

I will be out for a while since I will be attending our retreat… It’ll be actually really fun, imagine the mountains… (actually, I have no idea if there’s anything near our retreat house); the fresh air (actually, we will be confined inside so I wonder how we would breathe…); and lastly, enjoying the free time that’ll be given to us(they will make us cry, pray then FORCE us to sleep on 10:30 pm only…)…


I am a huge fan for the Macross Frontier soundtracks because they really do pick the good songs on the series. The current OP theme is entitled Lion, sung by the two beautiful maidens of Macross Frontier: Sheryl (May’n) and Ranka (Megumi Nakajima). I love them both but personally, I’m surprised on Megumi Nakajima’s performance as Ranka here because I didn’t knew that she could pull off a powerful song along with May’n. This is truly one of the best OP songs I’ve seen and heard for a while. For a trivia, Megumi Nakajima is half-Japanese and half-Filipina.

[Download LION by May’n and Megumi Nakajima here]

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THYME – 「Fly Away」


[:Download “「Fly Away」” by THYME here:]

J-pop band THYME gave us 2 great OP songs in a row. They are the hitmakers of To-Love-Ru‘s “Forever We Can Make It!”. “「Fly Away」” is their current song which is the OP song for Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~. I really love the song and it’s now currently looping up my iPod. It gives the laid-back feel a rockin’ twist. I put up the download link above for sharing. Btw, here’s the PV of the song:

Give Rabu to Ravi!!!

Need I say more?

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EVE no Jikan: Act 01 – The right to judge

I’m hearing about this new show on the anime blogosphere a couple of days ago and now I join the fun and I totally didn’t regret wasting 15 minutes of my life because this is truly, HIGHLY recommendable. I’m also glad that I got a high-quality video thanks to Pireze that I could enjoy more of its stunning animation..

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 04

There are lots of posts coming up on here since I missed a lot. I’ll also try to cover Eve no Jikan and maybe Detroit Metal City.

Mamiko Noto copying Rie Kugimiya’s signature “Urusai! Urusai Urusai!” was sooo hilarious!

Haruka noticed that Hazuki has been acting very weird and she wonders what is up with her. Mika and Nanami also showed out of nowhere and also agreed to her, they then cooked up a plan to stalk Hazuki as she goes out on her day-off.

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Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 04

I’m really catching up on all of the things I’ve missed from the past week and hopefully, I would cover them all. First off is Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~. What I really love here besides the lushful backdrops is that it isn’t repetitive than what I thought it would be. They now show a background story of Gouta and it focused more on his past than the current costumers they’re handling.

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Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 42

It’s the much awaited Yuki and Zero V.S. Rido!!!!!!!! And you’ll know which coupling I’m rooting for below!  (yes, it’s important to know who I’M rooting for!)

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 03

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