Music Digest: BANZAI!!!


In the digest:

– Ikimono gakari
– Kana Nishino
– Kaela Kimura
– Billboard Top 50 Singles (May 30)

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Kana Nishino – Style [PV]


I’m sorry for not giving you all episodic posts (have you noticed that I’ve been only posting about music?) because I just had my exams and I’m busy watching the Olympics LOL. I almost dragged someone to this blog (yes, a new blogger) to post on some episodes like Xam’d… because I haven’t really covering it lately but he’s busy too so I’m terribly sorry. My retreat will be tomorrow and I need to sleep now so I’ll be leaving y’all with this post and I’ll be back after 2-3 days…

[:Lyrics below the jump:]