Sora no Manimani OP Single – Super Noisy Nova

Here’s the OP Single for Sora no Manimani: “Super Noisy Nova” by Sphere [Haruka Tomatsu, Aki Toyosaki, Ayahi Takagaki, Minako Kotobuki]. PV and download link of the full single right after the jump~.

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Eden of the East Movie I: The King of Eden [PV]


Whoaaaa!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!

The official website streams a promo for the upcoming film. No actual movie footage yet and I cannot wait till they release some! The King of Eden will premiere on Japan, November 28, 2009. The sequel Paradise Lost, will open on January 2010.

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi


Paparazzi is Lady Gaga’s third single released in United Kingdom and Ireland. This is hands down, one of the most memorable song in her album, Fame. The music video is an almost eight-minute mini movie, and I’m honestly stunned the whole time.

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Stereopony – Seishun Ni, Sono Namida Ga Hitsuyou Da!


Hell yeah Stereopony!

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SCANDAL – Shoujo S [PV]


Shoujo S is SCANDAL’s 6th single and is currently the 10th OP theme for Bleach. Girls in school uniforms with ties and skirts dancing in the rain! Can this PV get any more win? Overall, hot vid but not that amazing. The janitor is creepy especially on the last part, and it’s a shame that the overall song is around 3 minutes only. But still, it’s an enjoyable PV with cheesy guitar-playing choreography and SCANDAL is just awesome. You can download the PV below.

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HIMEKA – Asu e no Kizuna [PV]

[UPDATE: With DL link for the Radio Rip]

Here’s the PV of HIMEKA’s Asu e no Kizuna, which is the OP for Valkyria Chronicles:


I absolutely adore the song. It’s a perfect choice of a OP song for Valkyria, if you’d ask me. It’s The full version of the song turns out to be absolutely better of course. It’s so lovely and uplifting ^^. The PV is nothing special though… and the kid creeps me out O__o. But anyway, I really love the song ^^.

HIMEKA is from a French-Canadian/Québécoise descent, but it’s so cool that she can really sing well in Japanese ^^. It’s good for a debut single, and I wish her all the best ^^. Full single comes out on 05/27 but for now, enjoy the PV~

Download the radio rip of the song below ^^. It’s just the radio rip (but the quality is still alright)  but I will update it as soon as I got the official one.

>>Download mp3 format<<

Nana Mizuki – Etsuraku Camellia [PV]


[UPDATED: with download link for MP3!!!]

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Kana Nishino – Style [PV]


I’m sorry for not giving you all episodic posts (have you noticed that I’ve been only posting about music?) because I just had my exams and I’m busy watching the Olympics LOL. I almost dragged someone to this blog (yes, a new blogger) to post on some episodes like Xam’d… because I haven’t really covering it lately but he’s busy too so I’m terribly sorry. My retreat will be tomorrow and I need to sleep now so I’ll be leaving y’all with this post and I’ll be back after 2-3 days…

[:Lyrics below the jump:]