Sora no Manimani OP Single – Super Noisy Nova

Here’s the OP Single for Sora no Manimani: “Super Noisy Nova” by Sphere [Haruka Tomatsu, Aki Toyosaki, Ayahi Takagaki, Minako Kotobuki]. PV and download link of the full single right after the jump~.



Well that was a pretty cute PV. Not that awesome, just alright. Love the color motif (blue!!! *__*). The dancing still needs a bit more cleaning, and can’t comment on anything else because I’m so damn distracted by Haruka Tomatsu’s legs! O____O


Single [imoutonouta]:


1. Super Noisy Nova
2. Dangerous girls
3. Super Noisy Nova (off vocal)
4. Dangerous girls (off vocal)

~with PV (mp4 format)

>> Download Here

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5 Responses to “Sora no Manimani OP Single – Super Noisy Nova”

  1. foomafoo says:

    Is it just me or the vid itself? I think the video is late with the audio.

  2. …. the white boots blend in w/ the floor so i though that the ppl’s legs were cut off… really scary
    and yeah, i find the audio dosnt fit with the video…
    can u add mi to ur blogroll?

  3. Thanks…I’m gonna try this one out.

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