Valkyria Chronicles OP Single: Asu e no Kizuna


Valkyria Chronicles OP Single “Asu e no Kizuna” by HIMEKA. I had basically shared my thoughts on this one and its PV already in this post, and here’s the download link. Also, there’s a NEW BANNER for Valkyria!!! Enjoy~

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HIMEKA – Asu e no Kizuna [PV]

[UPDATE: With DL link for the Radio Rip]

Here’s the PV of HIMEKA’s Asu e no Kizuna, which is the OP for Valkyria Chronicles:


I absolutely adore the song. It’s a perfect choice of a OP song for Valkyria, if you’d ask me. It’s The full version of the song turns out to be absolutely better of course. It’s so lovely and uplifting ^^. The PV is nothing special though… and the kid creeps me out O__o. But anyway, I really love the song ^^.

HIMEKA is from a French-Canadian/Québécoise descent, but it’s so cool that she can really sing well in Japanese ^^. It’s good for a debut single, and I wish her all the best ^^. Full single comes out on 05/27 but for now, enjoy the PV~

Download the radio rip of the song below ^^. It’s just the radio rip (but the quality is still alright)  but I will update it as soon as I got the official one.

>>Download mp3 format<<