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– Ikimonogakari
– Nana Mizuki
– Billboard Top 50 for May 16

Featured Artist: MEG


What would you imagine if Lady Gaga learns Japanese? You might have heard of MEG: The outlandish fashion, the futuristic beats, the synthetic computerized voice, the pointless lyrics, all these hot mess combined makes it good. Fyi, I’m making no comparisons with her to Lady Gaga, she just reminded me of her ^^.

I started to listen to her music already a few months ago though I’m still yet not a fan of her, but I can say I adore the Yasutaka Nakata remix of FREAK. Here’s the vid below:

[PV] FREAK (Yasutaka Nakata Remix)


OH MY GOD. I already listened to the original version months ago and I still can’t believe how better this one is. Thank you so freaking much Nakata for making this into a fucking remix that’s fucking million times better than the original of Hadouken!’s. To be really honest, I could forget about the original one already, because this remix outshone it. Oh my God again I love it to bits! The PV is also better (but still not amazing though).

Then this one’s her latest single, SKIN. One thing to say on the vid: WHAT THE FUUUUCK??? OIC gigantism ftw! XD lol. Here’s the vid:




~On to the other stuff~

[New PV] Ikimonogakari – Futari


Futari has a new PV, and it’s for the single “Futari”. The song is really beautiful and lonely. The PV is quite boring at the start but it gives of a huge feeling of melancholy and the last part when she BAWWW’d was so sad! T___T. This girl reminds me of someone with her style and music, though I’m not a fan of that person but I can say she’s quite good compared to some other rising stars in her league. Anyway, I love this band since “Ikimagure Romantic” and looking foward for more songs from them ^^.


[Teaser] Nana Mizuki – Brand New Tops


You may have heard it two weeks ago already but I’ll put it up in here again, because Nana Mizuki deserve to always be in my digests XP. We have another preview song on Nana-sama’s new album ^^. The song is called “Brand New Tops”. OMG I love the song! It’s ultimately lively, bright and uplifting ^^. I hope it gets a PV as well just like Etsuraku Camellia. Upon hearing only a few songs from her upcoming album Ultimate Diamond, I think we already know that it screams of awesomeness already! I can’t freakin’ wait for the release!!!!


HIMEKA – Asu e no Kizuna

This is just a short notice but I did an update in the PV post before. I added a download link for the Radio Rip in mp3 format. We’ll have to wait for the full single for us to get our hands on the clear version ^^. I swear I’ll put it up ASAP when it comes out ^^.


American Idol 2009 Final 3


After Allison’s shocking departure last week, my Idol excitement had went totally down. I really cannot choose a bet for the win anymore that easily with these three guys remaining. Adam Lambert is obviously the most talented out of the final three, and he’s an obvious threat and winner since that IMO, Allison’s the only one worthy to face him in the finale T__T.

Even though that I mentioned that Adam’s the guy to beat out of the three, I’m honestly going for Kris Allen. The reason why? It’s because he’s the hottest guy, duh.. kyaaaaaaa~~~!!!!!!!! I felt that Kris style is more current and marketable. OMG I love his rendition of “Apologize”, even though I could picture him more playing the guitar than the piano~ And he sang HEARTLESS!!! KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!

I want Kris to face off with Adam in the Finale (Adam’s an obvious finalist btw, or else the world will be crazy… on second thought..). But I think he’ll be in danger T_T. Uhh… last but not the least to mention, Danny Gokey? I’m tired of his cheesiness (and I’m still shuddering from his shriek last week O__o).

P.S. – Kara’s a beeeyotch.


Billboard Top 50 – 05/16


Wooh, the Billboards is craaazy! 3OH!3 and Beyonce enters the Top 10 (with Miley out in there! Yay!!). Pokerface finally moved on the charts but unfortunately, it fell down. What took its spot is “Blame It”. Funny though that I noticed that both songs goes like “A-a-a-a-a-a-a-Alcohol” and “P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-Pokerface” XDDD Lol (yeah, ignore my craziness -_-). Boom Boom Pow remains undefeated at the top spot ^^. Go B.E.P.!!!


PV Dessert~

LOL I finally came up with a name for the final part of this feature! XD I thought Digestive sounded unappetizing at all >.> so I came up with “Desert” instead ^^. So anyway, enjoy this PV! It’s PRECIOUS by our featured artist, MEG from the year 2008 ^^. There’s a certain reason why I posted this ridiculously funny video, and you’ll know it when you watch it at 2:30.




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4 Responses to “Music Digest”

  1. meteorhouse62 says:

    MEG… not a fan of those computerized voices I’ve heard a lot from Perfume. The last video you posted was cute tho. Those cats made my day!

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah… Those computerized voices can really make everyone wonder on if they could really sing live.

      And glad you like the vid ^^.

  2. I totally want to win Adam Lambert on AI. Its a record since he is the first gay guy to win AI. Haha.


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