lady gaga – METANORN

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi


Paparazzi is Lady Gaga’s third single released in United Kingdom and Ireland. This is hands down, one of the most memorable song in her album, Fame. The music video is an almost eight-minute mini movie, and I’m honestly stunned the whole time.

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Music Digest


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– Billboard Top 50 for May 16

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Music Digest

I thought I should just merge a new feature with my weekly Billboard posts ^^. Just like the Manga Digest, I’ll be sharing some stuff that I currently listen to in regards with the music scene. From J-Pop, to K-Pop, to American Idol, and to the Billboards~



I got ROUND TABLE’s “Friday I’m In Love” album and I. LOVE. IT! ROUND TABLE had removed the “ft. Nino” attached to their names so it’s Katsutoshi Kitagawa who’s in charge for the vocals again. And I still love it ^^. The album is blissful, mushy, sweet, soft and easy-listening. Katsutohi-san’s vocals are really mild, and I might also hear Nino doing the songs but I can say that ROUND TABLE can stand by themselves. My favorite track is “Under the Moonlight”, “Dance With Me” and the mushy “Let’s Stay Together”.

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Billboard Top 50 [4/04/09]


Credits to Billboard Goddess

Only one thing to say: Pokerface for the number 1 spot!!!  It would be really epic if Lady Gaga would get another number 1 spot again. I mean, Pokerface had been number 1 in different countries, so why not in the US? So GO GAGA!!!