Lady Gaga – Paparazzi


Paparazzi is Lady Gaga’s third single released in United Kingdom and Ireland. This is hands down, one of the most memorable song in her album, Fame. The music video is an almost eight-minute mini movie, and I’m honestly stunned the whole time.


Lady Gaga attempts to be different and preaches a message on fame-whoring. Besides that, we still have the dance sequences with fabulous garments and styling.


The mini movie starts off with an opening credits then a love scene between Gaga and her Swedish leading man Alexander Skarsgård on their seaside estate. After a few love talks and passionate kissing, they continue the scene outside the balcony, wherein a paparazzi is secretly taking photos of them with Gaga not noticing that it was the boyfriend who set her up. When Gaga realizes it, she tries to stop her boyfriend. However, it gets quite futile so Gaga smashes the wine bottle into the head of her boyfriend.


Her furious boyfriend pushed her off the balcony, leaving Gaga on her pool of blood (and pearls) on the ground, while the paparazzi are taking photos of her crumpled, bloody body. It’s followed with newspaper articles showing that Lady Gaga’s career is over.


Gaga was miraculously alive though. As she sets a comeback to the mansion fabulously from a limo, accompanied by her dancing bodyguards. Styled with a side halo and a jeweled neck brace as she enters in a wheelchair. Her dancers slowly take off her clothes while on a dance sequence, revealing Gaga in a metallic bustier/cyborg-esque leotard, while she work those crutches fiercely :P.


The first dance sequence were interspersed though with shots of dead models killed in different ways, including a model who’s found dead in a bed of flowers, one who’s dead in the bathtub, one who’s dripping black blood, a model who’s face is wrapped in a plastic, one who’s head has been hung on a rope, a maid who oozed gold-colored blood from her mouth, and one dead in a garden, and some others. Those are soooo awesome XD.


There are also sequences with Gaga on a golden sofa, and some scenes in there where she makes out with a trio that has the same hair as hers.


The second dance sequence towards the bridge had Gaga dancing in a white body suit decorated with avante-garde style made of black and white strips. The bridge is quite eye-seizuring though lol, with flashing lights, a dalmatian, more dead models, and Lady Gaga in a feathered mohawk.


The film continues with Gaga and her boyfriend in the tea room. Gaga sports a Jeremy Scott-like printed jumpsuit, high fashioned circular shades, and shoulder pads. She finally takes the moment of killing her boyfriend by poisoning him with a powder coming out from her ring case (kewl~)  and Neuro Sonic. The boyfriend then dies in an instant, and Lady Gaga calls the 911 immediately and confesses that she killed her own boyfriend.


The mini movie then ends with Lady Gaga going back to being famous with the scandal she caused. She’s been arrested by the police, while newspapers flashes that she’s back, they love her again, and that she’s innocent. Lady Gaga closes the video where the police shoots her while she poses in a modelesque way.


Paparazzi is FEROCIOUS. Great song + Great video. That was definitely her best video by far. Ok, the soft p0rn at the start and the Swedish speaking wasn’t really necessary though, but I SO loved the murderous hot mess presented in the video!! I really love how she plays with her ego, and oh my God, the fashion is love. It’s one of the best videos released so far this year in my opinion.

You can go watch the video here while it’s still up~


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10 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Paparazzi”

  1. Calvin says:

    Great review, my favorite part is when she poisons her bf! Such a cool ring and that neuro sonic bottle looks slick

    Calvin’s last blog post..Neuro in Lady Gaga’s Newest Video For Paparazzi! Video and Behind the Scenes Pics.

  2. Haha. Oh wow. Finally, a video. Of course, the video would have Lady Gaga soft-porn, Lady Gaga outrageous fashion and yeah, mild nudity. But the song is great by the way.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Anime Shows That Need Sequels

  3. […] really pays homage to the playbill of the film by Hitchcock. Glimpses of beautiful women’s dead bodies appear in the central part of the video: it is not clear who they are, but this reminds me of Izima […]

  4. Jordyn says:

    Great review. Does anyone know who the trio is in real life? Are they a band, models, actors, etc.?

  5. Walt Ribeiro says:

    Lady Gaga”s music is awesome. I arranged it for orchestra, because its powerful and different. Paparazzi is an awesome song

  6. LuluChan92 says:

    A thousand LULZ!!! I really had fun watching this! Congrats to Lady Gaga!!!

  7. Robert Ahmed says:

    i just found out that Lady Gaga is also a mezzo soprano. she really has a great voice and i love her style. *

  8. I really adore Lady Gaga and her extraordinary dresses although she definitely let herself down now going out in see through undergarments.

  9. I am a big fan of Lady Gaga. I really admire what Lady Gaga has done in her short career. She is bold enough to wear wild hair styles with outfits to match, and is a positive force on today’s young people. She is encouraging teens to be different and to not follow the crowd like everyone else! More people should look at her for who she is as personrather than “Lady Gaga” the performer.

  10. Pura Beadles says:

    I really love Lady Gaga and wish I could have watched her in the Toyota Center. Her costumes are fantastic and she really rocks out.

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