Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 04

I’m really catching up on all of the things I’ve missed from the past week and hopefully, I would cover them all. First off is Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~. What I really love here besides the lushful backdrops is that it isn’t repetitive than what I thought it would be. They now show a background story of Gouta and it focused more on his past than the current costumers they’re handling.

Gouta had a client who’s been only telling him to clean his dirty room. He even said that mages can do that easily and it’s what are they for. Gouta was insulted. Then there’s a flashback on his old days, filled with acceptance and being an achiever in class until his parents were arguing after his Dad was discovered to be a mage. He was then also alienated and had now been isolated from his classmates.

It is revealed that the name of the singing bystander is Yusuko-chan.

The it now moves on to it’s slice-of-life aspects, which I actually find unique for a fantasy series. Sora hangs out with a friend to listen to some modern music; window-shopping; and lastly, Sora hanging out with Gouta to a sushi bar. Look at that sushi pron.

Tilty-headed bitch tsundere

Kyouya Kuroda

Breast milk is best for babies… not for you.

And Sora scores on Gouta… It’s nice to see him warm up to her a bit. At school, Honomi shows tsundere-ness after she asked that she’ll join Sora and her frined(forgot her name XD) next time that they hang out. Kuroda-kun shows emo-ness but the reason is still unknown so we’ll see about that in the next eps. Meanwhile, Gouta has a new client which asks him to make something sweet. Gouta then uses magic to make breastmilk, which wondered his client.

Besides from Kuroda and even Honomi, Saori is an another character that I hope to see somebackground story soon. In the last part of the episode, she opens up to Sora about having a daughter who ran away from her and the goldfish they were watching at the pond reminds her of the happy times they spent together.


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