CLANNAD ~After Story~ trailer

I didn’t like the anime Clannad this past year because it didn’t grew on me unlike Kanon and AIR did. Now on its more dramatic part, which is the After Story, I think this would be more tear-jerking than the previous Clannad and I think it would be worth watching if I’m in the mood for some drama.


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4 Responses to “CLANNAD ~After Story~ trailer”

  1. Slaterj says:

    What I’m going to love on After Story is that there’s NO MORE FUUKO!!! Yay!!!

  2. FlameStrike says:

    Lol is that what you think? Fuuko ends up playing a role in the later parts of AS, a pretty important one at that. Well it depends on how KyoAni animates it, but I think they’ll stick it in there somehow.

  3. TimeDawg says:

    I really liked the fact that Clannad had a lot of comedy in it. I don’t really like drama too much, but the comedy and fun coming from characters like Sunohara and Fuko is what I really liked. I’m sad that Fuko is gone…

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Slaterj: I don’t know why many people dislike Fuuko that much besides from being retardedly moe…

    @FlameStrike: Fuuko has a very mysterious aura that makes me wonder if she’s the…*spoiler*

    @TimeDawg: I LOVE SUNOHARA!!! ^_^

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