Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 04

There are lots of posts coming up on here since I missed a lot. I’ll also try to cover Eve no Jikan and maybe Detroit Metal City.

Mamiko Noto copying Rie Kugimiya’s signature “Urusai! Urusai Urusai!” was sooo hilarious!

Haruka noticed that Hazuki has been acting very weird and she wonders what is up with her. Mika and Nanami also showed out of nowhere and also agreed to her, they then cooked up a plan to stalk Hazuki as she goes out on her day-off.

Hence, they followed her. Her first stop is some kind of a toy shop, which Haruka speculated that she’ll buy stuffed toys in there since she has a fetish for them. Yuuto then can’t imagine how Hazuki would look like when she’s nuzzling her stuffed toys.

How to get rid of an annoying otaku? Just follow the steps Kana Ueda Nanami did on Nobunaga-kun.

Then, they coninue to track down Hazuki, which leads them to a shopping mall. Yuuto, being as ‘pure’ as he could be, flees ahead and ends up barging again Shiina. After saying that there’s really ‘something’ on why are they keep encountering each other, she leaves. Haruka then approaches Yuuto back, which leaves Mika and Nanami enjoying themselves on the mall.

Haruka and Yuuto followed Hazuki after seeing her outside. Unfortunately, they lost again her after they encountered that slutty teacher from their school, who even said that they should be a ‘threesome’. After that they spot Hazuki again and this time, they encountered Yuuto’s sister. I like her more than that teacher, she’s absolutely less slutty and she has breeding and sensitivity.


While Mika and Nanami are continuing their perversion on the mall, Yuuto and Haruka have spotted Hazuki on a wedding couture shop but then they ended up being on a wedding pictorial…

Haruka then decided that they should give personal time for Hazuki and let her be free, since she already did her part of taking care of them since childhood. Back at the Nogizaka mansion, Haruka confirms to Hazuki that she’s getting married but they were wrong… Hazuki just went to the tool shop next to the wedding shop to but chains for her chainsaw (What does a maid has to do with a chainsaw?!)… Next episode will be about Shiina entering the university.


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2 Responses to “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 04”

  1. slither_jazz says:

    nice episode 🙂 I also lol’d on the very first part when Haruka cosplays Shana!

  2. Oliver David says:

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