Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 42

It’s the much awaited Yuki and Zero V.S. Rido!!!!!!!! And you’ll know which coupling I’m rooting for below!  (yes, it’s important to know who I’M rooting for!)

Vampire Knight Chapter 42 is out! Yuki now prepares to fight Rido. Rido then, being a pedobear he is, says to Yuki that she’s the ‘freshest’ and ‘youngest’ pureblood of the Kuran so why don’t she just love him. There’s a bit of icebreaker when Aido told Yuki not to fall for it. Yuki then said of course not. Lol.


Then… dundundundundundun… Zero comes! Looking more cooler than before, with vines flowing all over him. He can also control vines as well as produce the Bloody Rose anytime he wants as it becomes a part of it! Woooohooo! Anyway, Zero then tells Yuki that she is his ENEMY now but Yuki then said that she’s still on his side even though they’re enemies… Awwww then it over! Can’t wait till September!!!



So, will the next chapter be the big fight? Then I really can’t wait for that. Yuki and Zero have now gone stronger (and cooler) than before so I think they can handle Rido now… with a bit of help from the Night Class people. About Zero saying Yuki is now his enemy, I think he’s quite ungrateful for what Yuki have done for him but I think it’s quite understandable since he hates all vampires, even himself.

And for who I’m rooting, I’m still ZERO x YUKI!!! Hahaha… I know it’s kinda weird in this situation now but I still feel that Zero’s only pushing Yuki away from him because he knows Yuki being Kaname is better for her. Meaning he puts Yuki’s happiness first. I also think his love is unselfish unlike Kaname’s (don’t hate on me Kaname lovers ^^). Kyaaa~ Zero could have just perish or kill himself (by trying these) but it’s only because of Yuki’s sake that he decides to live… That’s it! I said it!


Random question: Zero x Yuki or Kaname x Yuki? Give me a sensible answer 🙂



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9 Responses to “Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 42”

  1. xephfyre says:

    Ah, tis a shame I dropped reading it. My favourite vampire’ll always be from Tsukihime. =p

  2. fye says:

    OMG I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! Zero is way more emo, hot and sacrifing than Kaname… It would be very sad if Zero would not end up with Yuki after all he’s been through…

  3. NyanNyan says:

    I’m a fan of this manga, hopefully the next chapter of VK will deilver the goods. I am also a Yuuki X Zero fan.

  4. CinderBird says:

    I don’t know if the manga would be ending soon (which I hope NOT) but I hope Yuki would end up with Zero too 🙂 🙂 :)!!! I just read this chapter and I love the Zero fanservice they shown there!

  5. Hynavian says:

    Finally Yuki is fighting! Been waiting for this moment for ages. Again, it ends with a cliff hanger and I can’t wait for the next chapter to be up. I wonder what’s wrong with Zero; with all those thorn like looking things coming out from his body. 🙁

  6. kanzeon says:

    @xephfyre: I also love Tsukihime

    @fye: Lol. Zero is really kinda… emo…

    @NyanNyan: Yay! Another fellow YukixZero shipper!

    @CinderBird: Woot! Another Zero fangirl!

    @Hyvanian: I also don’t know why vines of all things… The thing I only know is Zero drank different bloods of pureblood vampires…

  7. biankita says:

    hahaha! i dropped the manga because the anime sucked and my interest started to go downhill from there… if everyone dies in the end, i’ll read it again. ^^

  8. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Lol, I also had that reaction from Rosario to Vampire 😉

    …And be careful on typing your URL when commenting because it just reflects back to my site.

  9. Huerta says:


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