Give Rabu to Ravi!!!

Need I say more?


I’ll be fangurling Ravi this time because:

1.) Duh?

2.) Eyepatches are HOT.

3.) Ravi = Rabbits

4.) I really have nothing to do so I posted this.

(all icons are from the DGray Man icon community on livejournal)


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11 Responses to “Give Rabu to Ravi!!!”

  1. Humane says:

    Nice avatar work. Colorful, simple and yet to hot!

  2. omisyth says:

    Yeah, Ravi is the best character. Just wish he’d use another ability outside of Flame and Lightning, for god’s sake.

  3. mikaino says:

    Like the chibi ones 😀

  4. issa-sa says:

    He’s the only reason I (would) still watch D.Gray-Man for. But I don’t.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Humane: I actually didn’t made those ^_^ I found them from livejournal(see the link above)… but I’m planning on making some

    @omisyth: Yeah, he’s the best (and hottest) in DGray Man…

    @mikaino: me too ^_^ but me like the bunny ones more.

    @issa-sa: I honestly don’t watch DGray anymore… I only read doujins of them lols 😛

  6. blissmo says:


  7. Humane says:

    Made them or not I think I now have the mojo start up on avatars again myself. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. *wipes tear from eye*

    Again, after all my work. *prys my hands from keyboard*

  8. nero88 says:

    Ravi is the coolest D. Gray Man character ever!!!!!!!!

  9. Humane says:

    Me wants a new blog post by you! As soon as you have time. xD

  10. ki says:

    لافي شخصيه رائعه تعجبني

  11. yuki says:

    okay~ the icons are totally great!!!
    Ravi? awesome!!!! the eyepatch, himself, and all kyaa~~

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