Kuroshitsuji: 2 – …And how it resembles Code Geass in some way…

Lol super late Kuroshitsuji post! I’m really overwhelmed by Sebastian-sama’s fabulousness in this episode. Lots of blood and action too ^_^. Now here goes some pic spam and the grand showdown of this episode alone v.s. Code Geass below the jump!


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Kannagi: 04 – Sadistic Sisterly Love


At night, a man is found by a girl in a nun’s outfit and asks him for his confessions, for only 100 yen. That girl turns out to be Zange. At Jin’s residence, Nagi tackles about losing her powers because the tree had been cut down due to modernization. At school, Jin starts a conversation with Takako, Shino and Akiba about idols, their types and Zange, which is quite popular for her 100-yen confessional.

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Kanzeon in Camping!!!

Here the special yet late camping post!!! Our camping was held last Friday, right after our school trip. First of all, forgive me for not having much photos because all of our cameras, chocolates and cellphones are confiscated throughout the whole camp and I only had the chance to take pictures on our bus trip and at the last day of our camping. Also, even if I have my camera with me throughout the camping, I’ll still be not able to take pics because we’re very busy (not to mention dirty muddy) throughout the whole camping.

What great way to start off this post with random pictures of the sky instead of my schoolmates’ embarrassing moments on the bus? Here goes thy picture spam! Storytelling also below the jump ^_^…


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Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart: 01

Much much worse than what I’ve expected, with much much more surprising umm… jugs.


OP: Tatsumaki Wave by Little Non

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Kuroshitsuji OP Single – Monochrome no Kiss

Here’s the full OP single of the uber hot anime series this fall, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) sung by SID. Ciel is looking good as always in the cover. Btw, is he wearing a skirt?

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Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne! [PV]


It’s just too adorable for words! The video was fun, with Haruka Tomatsu herself just spending free time at her pad having fun with reading, laundry, eating and dressing up. There’s no Kannagi dance this time but I guess there would be as soon as she’ll have a live performance. One thing I noticed is that she looks reeaalllyyy tall! Or is it just her thunder thighs (which is an asset, btw). She’s very cute in this video especially when she’s making a fruit shake and she tastes it awful but she still continues to drink it ^_^. Also when she’s playing dress up! So adorable. Tell me you love it or else I’ll shove Haruka Tomatsu’s thighs into your throats!

Btw, you can download the full song HERE.

Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost [PV]


This is the PV of GA-REI ZERO‘s OP: Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori. Bada** series needs a bada** song! I just got so addicted with this song… Well, it’s the beautiful Minorin so except me to love everything from her. Honestly, I’m really a fan of her voice and her music style. The violins accompanied by upbeat techno music is just awesome.

Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne!

Ever since the first time I’ve heard and watched the OP sequence of Kannagi, I already knew that this is gonna be a hit, and it is! Great job for Haruka Tomatsu for a phenomenal performance as Nagi! I just love this song and for sure it would brighten up your day. I also can’t wait for the PV! More scans below the jump as well as the download link for the full version of the song!

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Manga Digest: Flashbacks, lies, rejection and SEBASTIAN-SAMA!

Here’s some manga digest for y’all. This post contains short ramblings on the latest chapters of Vampire Knight, Rabbit Doubt, Kimi no Iru Machi and Kuroshitsuji. WARNING because it might contai spoilers!!! Now let’s start with Vampire Knight chapter 44:



Meh… A flashback chapter… Full of Zero’s emo angst… I guess that it would lead to Zero not killing Yuuki after all.

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ToraDora!: 04 – Picture Perfect

Sorry for the super-late post! Anyway, this episode is AWESOME! Taiga is looking cute as ever!


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