Kannagi: 04 – Sadistic Sisterly Love


At night, a man is found by a girl in a nun’s outfit and asks him for his confessions, for only 100 yen. That girl turns out to be Zange. At Jin’s residence, Nagi tackles about losing her powers because the tree had been cut down due to modernization. At school, Jin starts a conversation with Takako, Shino and Akiba about idols, their types and Zange, which is quite popular for her 100-yen confessional.


Jin, after buying supplies at night, finds a girl who is being harassed in an alley. After a grocery bag attack and they lost the baddies, he found out that the girl he just saved was Zange.


Burn in hell you unholy nun!


While watching television, they saw Zange in her nun costume while at her program. Nagi said to Jin that she’s her sister. It was also revealed in this episode that their power as gods are measured on the amount of people loving them, which is why the “popstar”-esque motif in the OP sequence shows that.


Zange looks like a competitor for Jin’s attention!


OMG I just love Nagi’s sarcasm!


They are both Kamisama’s. There are two scared threes in the city of Kannagi and their human embodiments are Nagi and Zange. It was also revealed that Zange had just taken over a human body as her vessel (kinda like from Birdy Decode and Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae)…


Nagi continues on with her hunt for Zange. She ends up at Jin’s school where she founds out that Zange is Jin’s schoolmate.


Lol stupid Jin for not knowing his classmates! – XD Haha I love Nagi’s comedic reactions!


Eeeek!!!!! God I wonder which normal person can hold that big of a spider in real life…


Enjoy this for awhile Zange, for Nagi will still reign supreme at the end!


Sisterly love is really a trend this Fall season.


What the hell is Jin doing with hula-hoops when he caught Nagi and Zange in their bondage session?! sisterly love act?


Looks like the harem is building up!

Kan chats…

Aside the harem, the story is taking progress! Also, the comedy still never fails to make me laugh hard. Nagi is just so funny and Jin really compliments her personality. This episode contains a lot of information though and it explained more on the goddesses’ powers.

And Zange… ARGHHH!!! Well, I don’t like her because SHE STEPPED ON NAGI’S FACE! Poor Nagi *wipes the dirt on her face*… Why does she even have to stay at Jin’s house!?! For a while, I’ll be disliking this character but I must say that she is properly introduced in this episode.


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8 Responses to “Kannagi: 04 – Sadistic Sisterly Love”

  1. omisyth says:

    Jin’s reaction to that entire scene was both hilarious and completely not what a true man would do.

    And I’m sorry, I think you meant “DELICIOUS Sisterly Love”.

  2. ffviiknight says:

    The more important questions is… who’s bigger? Zange or Tsugumi? 😀

  3. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: “Sadistic” is good anyway…

    @ffviiknight: One thing’s for sure: Nagi is the smallest XD

  4. I just hate that fckin’ Zange. But Nagi is still better. XD But Zange wins if theres a b00b fight. haha

  5. Shin says:

    I want to hate Zange-chan but I’m a healthy male.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Lol you said it XD

    @Shin: Lol OMG you cracked me up XD. You really can’t hate her ^_^.

  7. tflops says:

    I’m not a maso but I like her being Yandere.

  8. kanzeon says:

    @tflops: Yanderes ftw ^_^!

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