“What’s Hot”: 2008


The supposed-to-be “year-end” post that never happened because I was gone lol XD… So here thy present the best, the worst, the OMG’s, the WTF’s and my (actually “our”, since Tsuiteru gave some ideas to me on this post as well) biased favorites of the year 2008 from manga, anime, seiyuu, music, randomness and more. In short: 2008 wrapped up in a post XD.

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Webcomic: AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot


Well I made another crappy webcomic ^_^. Hope you’ll like this one too 🙂 [Thanks Baka-Raptor for the idea of AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot!]

Disclaimer: Before continuing, please keep in mind that the characters’ appearance, traits and such are just based on my personal views on them, and are not meant to offend anyone 🙂 No violence and gore this time btw so this is family-friendly ^_^. Also, I suck at coloring T.T

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An Early Christmas Banner!


New banner for the Holiday Season!!! Yeah I know it’s so early but I really feel the Christmas spirit, if it weren’t for all of the lights and sparkles around the city, children singing carols, and the smell of money being cashed away…

The banner features Kyon and Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I added “Santa’s Little Helper” (actually, it’s “Helpers“) for the nonsensical randomness because as you can see, Kyon (looking super hot in that reindeer costume) is helping the Santa Haruhi… Lol, and think of this blog as Santa’s Little Helper, because Tsui and I give gifts not only to the nice, but also to the naughty XD. (Did I mentioned that Kyon looks hot… and naughty?)

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300th post special!


It’s time to celebrate!!!

It’s already been 7 months since I first started blogging and 2 and a half months ever since I re-started [:METANORN:] again. Sigh, I never knew that a single “OMG, it’s so boring… What if I created a blog?” statement made it this far. All new Metanorn already has 300 posts baby!!! Now what would I talk about in this special post? Hmm… there’s a lot of things to discuss and talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kannagi: 05 – Join the Nagi-sama Fans Club!

Super big surprise at the end of the post.


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Death the Kid: Symmetrically Perfect


Hooray for Death the Kid! He’s featured on my banner (look up ^_^). Why? Oh well because he’s awesome. I started falling in love with him from the very first time I saw him. He screams perfection from head to toe. That perfect hair (even though it’s not symmetrically right, the white stripes makes it look really hot). He also has stunning yellow eyes which can go from fierce to cute. He has cool outfit. His weapon is kick-ass. It’s not just one, but two big guns to kick enemies’ butt. He handles it with style. Plus his expressions are just priceless when his OCD attacks him. That just makes him more cute. His VA is hawt too. Though I don’t ship him with any character at all in Soul Eater (because he’s mine only XD just kidding), he’s still cute alone, and with the Thompson sisters. Nobody can copy him. When my classmates found out Soul Eater because of me, the guys just started copying him, they’re hopeless wannabes >_>… Anyway, he’s really the perfect guy with a disease of perfection XD… His perfection and weakness is absolutely symmetrical! OMG just PERFECT! Trust me this isn’t the last Death the Kid banner you’ll see here, because I’ll make some more from time to time [I’ll also make a banner with his picture doing symmetrical V-signs 🙂 soon].

Continue for some Death the Kid pics!!!

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Kanzeon in Camping!!!

Here the special yet late camping post!!! Our camping was held last Friday, right after our school trip. First of all, forgive me for not having much photos because all of our cameras, chocolates and cellphones are confiscated throughout the whole camp and I only had the chance to take pictures on our bus trip and at the last day of our camping. Also, even if I have my camera with me throughout the camping, I’ll still be not able to take pics because we’re very busy (not to mention dirty muddy) throughout the whole camping.

What great way to start off this post with random pictures of the sky instead of my schoolmates’ embarrassing moments on the bus? Here goes thy picture spam! Storytelling also below the jump ^_^…


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Anime WTF-Moments – Halloween Edition


METANORN Special: Anime WTF-Moments – Halloween Edition

Now that Halloween’s just around the corner, I, Kanzeon, list down my most favorite scary/shocking/crazy/gory anime moments!!!!! From the most memorable killings, bloodfests and creepers to the craziest evil laugh and shockers, you’ll find it here. WARNING! The videos may contain extreme violence and inappropriate scenes.ツ Now let’s turn off the lights, feel the silence, check if there’s someone looking at you at your back and let’s head on to the list!!!!!

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[:METANORN:] gets a touch of Halloween!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I’ve decided to create a bunch of headers with a touch of Halloween!!! Of course, following the cute tagline “Trick or Treat!”, I’d had much fun making these sweet banners. Here is the sneek peek of some that I’ve made. Btw, if you have noticed it, the first one is up ^_^.